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Want to try Windows 11 without installing? There is an option in the browser

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We already know that it won’t be long before Windows 11 hits the market in its final version, however there are Beta versions available for us to test on our computer. In addition to being always complicated to have to reinstall an operating system and the risk of data being corrupted, there is also the problem that these Beta versions often have problems. In this sense, it turns out to be a risk of installing a new operating system, particularly when it is not yet a final version.

But, of course, there are people who, despite these difficulties, would really like to test the new version of Windows and, in this sense, a software developer has created a page that allows you to try the Windows 11 interface without installing the new operating system or having to expect the first computers with Windows 11 preinstalled to reach the market.

Migrating to a new operating system always requires some effort. This is not a problem if you have a lot of time or can work on multiple PCs at the same time and therefore don’t care if something goes wrong. But if you don’t have time or a PC to do a Windows 11 installation for testing or install Windows 11 in a virtual machine, but want to get ready for Windows 11, then the Windows 11 demo site created by BlueEdge is exactly the best option for you.


The website is not a Windows 11 remote desktop, but an interactive demonstration of the Windows 11 graphical user interface that provides a general understanding of what to expect from the new operating system. To do this, you just need a browser to experience Windows 11 on any PC running MacOS, Linux or Windows.

The interactive demo doesn’t let you install software, change settings, and do other important things you normally do with an operating system. You can still try the new Start menu, Edge browser, Windows store and search widget.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft reacts to BlueEdge’s efforts to demonstrate its next operating system. The Windows 11 GUI is clearly the intellectual property of Microsoft and is subject to copyright. But, on the other hand, Microsoft is clearly interested in popularizing its software and, we believe, that this form of dissemination is also in Microsoft’s interest, given that there is no advertising and financial return for the programmer, we believe that Microsoft does not will do nothing against this site.

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