Want to test the new Windows 10 Start Menu? Follow these steps

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Microsoft has been changing Windows 10, especially in the image field. It focuses a lot on the Start Menu and has already started work here to change it completely, as it has been promising to users.

With the most recent test update, the first innovations visible in the Start Menu have already appeared. It was not accessible to everyone, but it is now possible to test the news with a simple change.

Start menu Windows 10 Microsoft test Insiders

Discover and test the new Start Menu

It was in the 20161 build of Windows 10 that Microsoft brought the next big thing to its operating system. This focuses on Start Menu and completely changes the graphic part and brings new colors more integrated with the total image of the operating system.

Although it is still limited to some users, it is possible to test this new Start Menu now. For this, and because it is being tested in the Insiders program, the 2016 build must be installed. Note, however, that this can bring some instability.

Start menu Windows 10 Microsoft test Insiders

For now limited to the Insiders program

With this version, and if you don't have the new Start Menu right away, you should use a help. It's called ViveTool and can be obtained directly from GitHub. Then, navigate to the folder where you downloaded it and run the command: ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23615618 2.

After the command runs successfully, they must restart Windows 10. If they prefer, they can open the Task Manager and simply restart the process associated with Explorer. After that step the new Start Menu will be present.

An excellent job from Microsoft

The images above show how it is now distinct and with new colors. Especially the background of the icons is more discreet and without taking the focus from the rest of the elements. The icons themselves are different and more enjoyable to use.

It is in this simple way that whoever is in the Dev channel of the Insiders program will be able to test this novelty now. As for the rest, they need to wait for the next major update to arrive to access the new Microsoft Start Menu.

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