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VW shows autonomous robot in charging Electric Vehicles

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VW has yet to say when the electric vehicle charging robot might be available, although a not-so-flexible flexible charging station is planned for early 2021.

But there is still a clear use case for this. Dedicated charging spaces for electric vehicles are still rare, and this automation can be useful when parking in garages and other areas where you would have to let your car’s battery run out.

The robot works autonomously and uses an app or through direct communication with the car itself. And don’t worry about the robot being busy – leave the battery adapter in the car so it’s free to charge other vehicles. The charging system is clearly designed for other VW models like the ID.4, although it must also work with other EVs.

Electric vehicles have not yet fully taken over the current landscape, but by 2020 almost all motorists were discussing their plans for the segment. Between regulations that fuel combustion engines and advances in battery technology and infrastructure, everything is in place for electrified vehicles to take center stage and all the attention. It will now be clearer how VW’s EV charging robot prototype will work in practice.

VW offered its first glimpse into the real world of the mobile bot loader in action. It will not only be useful for charging EVs away from dedicated spaces – the prototype has a “face” that lights up as you grab onto the battery trailer and connect to your car. We didn’t exactly expect to hear the beeps from the ´r2-D2´ robot in the video, but the robot should be friendly (or at least not so scary) as your ride increases.

VW shows autonomous robot in charging Electric Vehicles

Source: Engadget

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