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VW no longer hides the launch of the brand new electric SUV

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Volkswagen had anticipated the ID.6 with the ID.Roomzz concept that was unveiled in Shanghai in 2019. Predictably, the design was ‘toned’ for low production, and the sliding doors were left out of the project. The overall silhouette and some of the finer design details (such as curved sheet metal) remain, as well as the unusually short frontal overhang made possible by an electric motor.

Inside, ID.6 is likely to share many technological components, including its digital instrument in a ‘cluster’, and the infotainment system.

Volkswagen’s EV, and always a milestone in the brand and reference in the market, will be larger than the ID.4 and will be available in two variants, the ID.6 X and the ID.6 Crozz. However, the images show that it will not be as fanciful as the 2019 Roomzz concept – VW dropped this concept in favor of more conventional debuts.

VW no longer hides the launch of the brand new

VW previously told Automotive News that it is possible for an ID.6 model to reach the rest of the world. The author of the article says that he would not be surprised. The automotive market likes SUVs, and the ID.4 can only satisfy tastes as much as a compact crossover, but the more spacious machines like the ID.6 could reach many more buyers.

VW has yet another round of electric vehicles ‘in the pipeline’, and is not waiting for the official launch to give a clue of what to expect. The ´Autoblog´ says that the car manufacturer provoked the electric SUV ID.6 before its debut at the Shanghai auto show, that is, the seven seats, starting on April 21. Although VW has not officially shared the specifications, the Chinese regulatory leaks have suggested that it will obtain the same power as the ID.4.

We will receive 201HP from a rear engine with standard ID.6 specifications, and about 302 horsepower for a dual-wheel driver model. The company made it clear that the ID.6 X and Crozz are intended for the Chinese market. But, according to the aforementioned and expectations, do not despair if you want this large electric in the future.

Source: Autoblog

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