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Volvo S90 test: analysis

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The S90 car is one of the latest products from the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo. For those who are already bored with vehicles manufactured by German brands, the Volvo S90 is a breath of fresh air, characteristic of the Scandinavian environment, for those looking for such alternatives and novelties.

The luxury design puts the Volvo S90 at the top of the high-quality sedans and sets it apart from the competition. The interior is elegant and simple, offering the driver a tasteful, comfortable and spacious environment, suitable for both short trips around the city or for long distance journeys.

Engine power and transmission systems

There are two transmission systems, both unconventional. The T6 in is turbocharged and supercharged by an in-line 4-cylinder engine, while the plug-in hybrid T8 engine adds more power from the gasoline engine and the electric motor in combination, or a useful electric-only range.

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The sedan has a 2-liter engine, which works by direct injection, and turbochargers and mechanical compressors are able to offer a performance equal to that of a V6 engine.

The D4 and D5 diesel versions of the S90 produce 190 hp and 135 hp, while the gasoline options offer 254 hp and 320 hp on the T5 and T6 models, respectively. As with the SUV, the best version of this sedan is the T8, which combines the 2.0 petrol engine with an electric propulsion system capable of generating 407 hp.

The T6 goes from 0 to 100 km / h in about 7 seconds. The plug-in hybrid T8 version reaches this speed in just about 5 seconds, but in rough terrain there are some bumps. To solve the problem of the latter, just give the accelerator pedal a sudden start, and consequently there is a momentary delay, but it soon passes to be followed by an abrupt moment of acceleration when the gasoline engine is activated to assist the electric motors . During a calmer direction, however, this is rarely necessary.

Imponence and elegance

The Volvo S90 is a car that looks robust and imposing, but at the same time elegant. As is customary in the Swedish brand, it is a short, wide car. The vehicle has directional and adaptive full LED headlights, whose LED daytime running lights are designed in the shape of a “T”, something that has been dubbed “Hammer of Thor”. The bumpers have a fluid design and a chrome finish, depending on the version.

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The S90 is equipped with advanced driver assistance features, in line with Volvo’s usual safety principles. The Scandinavian manufacturer’s emphasis on safety, combined with its distinctive and comfortable design, gives the S90 a beautiful and safe look and ride.

The automatic emergency braking system, designed for urban environments, is prepared for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, and also identifies large animals, something very important in Scandinavia, where it is possible to see, on some secondary roads, many more moose at stroll carefree than people.

The Volvo S90 also comes equipped with an adaptive cruise control with speed limiter, in addition to a lane maintenance assistance system, traffic sign reader, vehicle alert ahead, lane departure warning in case of momentary sleep and even monitoring the driver’s attention, blind spot monitoring system, rear-end collision alert, crossing vehicle alert, 360º panoramic camera and, of course, automatic parking system. All of this comes together to dramatically reduce road accidents.

Comfortable and spacious interior

The interior of the S90 is by far its most impressive feature. It is an elegantly ordered amalgamation of high quality materials – open-pored wood, genuine leather, brushed metal and finely grained plastics – that coexist in a cohesive and undeniably modern space.

ensaio ao volvo s90 analise

The front seats have electric adjustment for 14 different positions, in order to comfortably adapt to all body shapes. The S90 sedan also meets the needs of most drivers in the cargo space, and models with a folding rear seat also offer plenty of space for suitcases and countless other items you need to take with you.

Connectivity and entertainment while traveling

The S90 is as connected as any of its rivals and it depends a lot on its touchscreen to control many of its entertainment functions. This 9.0 inch screen is installed in the center of the panel. To adjust simple functions, such as heated seats or a head-up display, the driver has to interact with the system – something that is becoming normal in luxury brand cars, and some systems are more user friendly than others.

The S90 system is easy to use, but the driver will have to go through a period of learning and getting used to it before he feels competent enough to make changes while driving. The Volvo S90 offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity by default, which allows drivers to easily interact with their smartphones.

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The S90 is a car that allows Swedish manufacturer Volvo to take on the dominant German brands in the luxury sedan market.

Its diesel engines are not the best in their class, but they are refined, and the sophistication inside the vehicle creates an attractive environment for long trips. It is not as luxurious as a Mercedes E-Class – but it is quite pleasant.

The S90’s strengths are refinement and, as is the case with the Swedish brand, the unlimited amount of driving safety. In addition, this sedan is equipped with a decent amount of features, making it one of the best equipped offerings in a market area that traditionally has many options.

Driving dynamics are not on par with the class benchmark; the S90 is not as agile as the 5 Series and does not absorb bumps as effectively as a Class E.

Although the range is limited to Momentum, R-Design and Inscription finishes, all cars are well equipped. Although the R-Design version may look more sporty, all cars offer a lot of comfort.

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