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Volvo confirms electric cars with a range of 1,000 km

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Electric car manufacturers are increasingly betting on electric mobility and the truth is that they have been concerned with improving some features that can lead consumers to save many euros.

In this case, Volvo announced that its future electric cars will have 1,000 km of autonomy and that they will charge in half the current time.

After the last statement from Volvo, it announced that it will no longer produce conventional cars in 2030. From that year onwards, the manufacturer only aims to produce 100% electric cars.

In addition, it recently announced an alliance with Northvolt for battery production. Volvo intends to increase the energy of the cells by 50%, in order to reach 1,000 Wh/l, resulting in the desired autonomy of 1,000 km.

Volvo confirms electric cars with a range of 1000 km

“We want to offer our customers purely electric sustainable vehicles that make their lives easier and more enjoyable.”

Volvo has been growing when it comes to electric mobility and has been one of the manufacturers looking to drive the adoption of electric mobility.

The future of trams passes through VOLVO

One of Volvo’s improvements has been the autonomy of its vehicles, but it has already informed that it is not satisfied with that alone, intending also to reduce the charging time in half, by 2025. Volvo will insert the batteries in the vehicles’ floors, taking advantage of thus its structure and strength. In this way, Volvo intends to guarantee greater safety and greater comfort.

“We want to constantly increase the benefits of driving a purely electric Volvo,” explained Henrik Green.

Volvo currently does not have a wide range of electric cars. However, by 2025, it plans to start launching at least one new electric car per year. The next releases that will happen in 2022, the XC90 Recharge, and in 2023, the XC20 Recharge, are already scheduled.

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