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Volvo becomes the First Environmentally Neutral Automobile Factory

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Volvo Cars today takes an important step in its intention to make its global production network environmentally neutral by 2025.

Volvo’s first factory, in historical terms and brand importance, Torslanda, Sweden, is thus the second factory in the Volvo Cars global production network to achieve a neutral impact, since the engine plant in Skövde, also , Sweden has this status since 2018.

Volvo Cars considers a factory totally neutral to the climate, when it does not register any net increase in the emission of gases that produce greenhouse effect as a result of the use of electricity and the heating system it uses.

This plant has been powered by neutral electricity sources since 2008, and now it also has a neutral heating system since half of its origin comes from biogas, while the other half has its energy source in the municipal heating system. obtained through wasted industrial heat.

Volvo becomes the First Environmentally Neutral Automobile Factory

“This is a very important milestone for Volvo Cars when we establish Torslanda as our first car factory with a neutral environmental impact. We intend to have our global production network completely neutral in 2025 and today we are signaling that we are determined to achieve this and that we are working to reduce our impact on the environment. ”, He said. Javier Varela, head of industrial operations and quality at Volvo Cars

In addition to becoming environmentally neutral, this plant also seeks to constantly reduce the amount of energy it uses. The improvements introduced in 2020 resulted in an annual energy saving of almost 7,000 megawatt-hours (MWh), an amount equal to the annual energy use of more than 450 family homes.

In the coming years, the factory intends to further increase its efficiency. Among other things, Torslanda will review the lighting and heating systems, which should result in an additional annual energy savings of around 20,000 MWh by 2023. These energy savings are part of an even greater ambition for the company, which aims to reduce the use of energy per vehicle produced by 30% in 2025.

In order for Volvo Cars to achieve this neutrality in its production operations, the full support of local and business partners is necessary, in order to have access to electricity and heating sources that are also neutral. In addition, the company will generate its own sources of renewable electricity on site.

Achieving a neutral environmental impact on the production operation is a key point in Volvo Cars’ environmental plan, one of the automotive industry’s most ambitious plans. The centerpiece of this plan is the ambition to electrify the entire range of the brand.

Volvo Cars’ environmental plan goes far beyond eliminating exhaust emissions through full electrification. It also encompasses the elimination of carbon emissions from the company’s productive operations and its supply chain, seeking to encourage recycling and reuse of materials, thus embracing a circular economy in its entirety.

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