Vodafone codes for recharge and calls 2022 in Egypt

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If you are a user of Vodafone international lines in the Arab Republic of Egypt, you will find all the codes you need for the Vodafone network in Egypt, but you have to specify the codes you need, for example, if you are looking for a code for express shipping without searching for a number or using the Ana Vodafone application, you can implement The process of fast recharging the balance without using the application only by writing the code and activating it immediately.

Recharge to another Vodafone number

So, you can recharge to another Vodafone number directly by using a short number using the well-known recharge card that you buy from public and known places such as the supermarket or kiosks available to you, by opening the contact window on your phone and calling 858 and then pressing the number 2 to do the process Recharge to another Vodafone number instantly.

Vodafone card recharge

If you want to renew your package or even change the number of units to get more units such as Vodafone’s Flex units, or even to be able to perform your calls through the phone from the balance directly. If you are not subscribed to a package, you can open the communication window and press the code in order The following is to activate the charging of the card correctly.

  • First, press the star symbol *
  • And write the number 858
  • Then press the star * again
  • Write the shipping code on the back of the Vodafone card
  • Press the window symbol #
  • Click on the contact icon

Inquire about your balance in Vodafone

By typing the code consisting of *868*1# to find out the balance quickly and immediately.

You can also know the balance after ending the call, and regardless of the code, you can call 868 and follow the instructions to know your balance directly if you prefer this method.

There is also another way to renew the call package directly through the code *225# from right to left.

Vodafone codes for recharge and calls 2022 in Egypt 3
Vodafone codes for recharge and calls 2022 in Egypt 4

Divert calls to another Vodafone line

Sometimes we prefer diverting calls to other numbers for many reasons, whether exceptional or emergency. In all cases, this is an important thing that you may not need on a regular basis, but you should be aware of it, through the following.

  • Open the contact window
  • Press *67*
  • Then enter the number to which the calls are transferred
  • Click on the window symbol #

Inquire about your own number or phone number

When we buy a new Vodafone line, one of us has not forgotten the phone number. This is common when buying a new Vodafone line, especially when asking others about the new number or when trying to remember it to write something that requires mentioning your new Vodafone number. If you are, you may need this the following steps.

  • Open the connection window
  • Press *868*2* from right to left
  • Click on the contact icon

Inquiry about local time and date

Of course, when upgrading to a new generation phone or even doing a factory reset of your phone, the time and date will be incorrect in most cases, but when you access the home page of the phone after installation, the phone remains inaccurate in the time and date, so you must request this code

  • Open the contact window
  • Dial *878# from right to left
  • Click on the contact icon

Other codes for Vodafone Egypt 2022

If you want to inquire about the line that tried to call you the last time, type the following code

  • Open the connection window
  • Dial *150# from right to left
  • Click on the contact icon

If you want to activate Vodafone Egypt’s roaming service, follow the following

  • Open the connection window
  • Dial *888*5# from right to left
  • Click on the contact icon

Then the roaming mode will be activated immediately.

If you prefer to keep the calls that you may have missed and did not notice, you can follow the following steps

  • Open the connection window
  • Dial *888*3# from right to left
  • Click on the contact icon

But just to know something, this service has a special cost, which is only five pounds per month.

To activate the famous “Kallemny Shukran” service at Vodafone Egypt, follow the following.

  • Open the connection window
  • Press *505*, then type the phone number and press the window code #
  • Click on the contact icon

Note that this service is for those who are customers of the same company Vodafone Egypt, but for those who use networks other than Vodafone in Egypt, you can follow this code *506* phone number and then the window code #

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