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Vivo and Zeiss establish partnership to improve photographic quality

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The Zeiss brand has already been associated with several manufacturers. We know Sony, Nokia and now it’s Vivo. And this is also not the first time that we have seen a Zeiss-Vivo partnership, since Vivo launched the X60 with Zeiss camera, but it is now official.

The two companies have established a global partnership for the area of ​​mobile photography. The team will begin by creating an imaging system that will be used for future Vivo premium phones. As expected, the Vivo X60 series will be the first to use the technology, and the equipment itself already has a lot of quality from both companies.

The vivo ZEISS Imaging Lab will be a joint R&D program. To begin with, a Vivo ZEISS Master Photography campaign will be launched. The partnership will be long term and launch innovations in mobile photography technology, and we will see that already in Vivo X60.

Both companies are major players in each of their own fields, with vivo already one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers and Zeiss is a reference when it comes to photographic lenses. This partnership would allow everyone to take advantage of the experience on the other side, as Vivo has a consumer view, while Zeiss is known for optics and optoelectronics. The latter is also associated with professional and mobile photography.

vivo e zeiss estabelecem parceria para melhorar qualidade fotografica

Vivo’s senior vice president said: “Through the partnership, ZEISS imaging technology will be used by many more consumers. Based on synergy and complementarity, optical expertise and new digital technologies, vivo and ZEISS intend to make strategic collaboration a starting point for creating new mobile imaging opportunities, enabling more creativity, in order to support healthy and long-term development. industry-wide term. “

Vivo, on the other hand, will use technology to “improve the image performance of its main smartphones”. Vivo believes that innovation in image is important. Consumers need powerful imaging technologies. A great camera is what they want more than a smartphone. In this area, Zeiss will help.

This type of partnership between Chinese and Western manufacturers is very important for improving the quality of equipment, just looking at an excellent example: Huawei. It is no coincidence that the photographic quality of Huawei smartphones is the market reference, leader in DxOMark and this started to happen from the moment that Huawei established a partnership with Leica.

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