Video shows how iPhone Accessibility is so important for blind people

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Apple has always been concerned with making it easy for anyone to use their devices. The company’s philosophy is to design systems that adapt to the user, instead of forcing the user to adapt to the systems. In addition, iOS provides a set of tools for people with visual, motor or hearing difficulties. The Accessibility category has gained such importance over the years that today it rewards anyone with incredible usability.

The video we left shows how a blind person uses the iPhone with great ease, using resources fully adapted to their special needs.

IPhone Accessibility Example

Accessibility on iOS used by a blind woman

On June 8, 2009, at the end of a two-hour talk at WWDC, Phil Schiller was running a long list of new features and applications that would be available on the iPhone 3GS. At that moment, he showed Voice Control (Voice control) and the new Compass app. Then, the Apple logo for the Accessibility feature set appeared on the screen.

We are also very concerned with accessibility.

Exclaimed Schiller, who replaced Steve Jobs, who was hospitalized for a liver transplant at that event.

Image accessibility menus in iOS 14

Example of the Accessibility menu menus in iOS 14

This will have been the starting point for an area that has required a lot of energy from the Cupertino company to create unique tools, methods and services. In fact, here in pplware we have already covered this area in detail many years ago. Apple itself provides a page to display a number of adaptations that improve the life of those who have some limitations.

Image Accessibility menus using the Braille option

Example of the Accessibility menus using the Braille option, as Kristy Viers uses in the video

How a blind or deaf uses an iPhone without any problem

Blind, deaf people with mobility problems have resources adapted to you on iOS. In fact, Apple really develops practical guides that are simple to understand so that people understand and improve the use of the many features, within Accessibility.

However, swimming will be better than seeing a real example, in an immersive experience of the action of a blind person using a modern and technology-laden device.

As we can see, Kristyn totally dominates what is one of the most evolved devices on the market. Smartphones today compile in a reduced space more technology than the ships that took man to the moon in the 60s and 70s.

Today, this feature is not limited to Apple, Google or Microsoft are already doing a complete job for their users to take advantage of these tools as well.

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