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Users complain about calendar functionality in Windows 11 taskbar

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Windows 11 witnessed several changes to the taskbar functionality that were not popular and, in that sense, a new removal was highlighted – namely, the removal of the calendar flyout.

The story here is that the calendar flyout in the taskbar – the panel that appears when you click the time/date in the system tray – no longer has event integration at the bottom. In other words, there is no longer a visible calendar flagging events and instant reminders.

Likewise, at the top, there is no longer a large version of the watch display that additionally shows the number of seconds (not just the hour and minutes).

As Windows Latest points out, those who tried Windows 11 had previously assumed that the missing event integration was just a bug in the calendar flyout, but this turned out not to be the case, and Microsoft actually removed the installation.


Instead, the software giant wants people to use the widget panel to access calendar events and reminders. Microsoft told a user who complained:

“Thank you so much for providing us with your comments. While we continue to use your feedback to guide the future of features like this, currently in Windows 11, there’s a calendar option in the new widget experience that you can use to quickly see your personal calendar and events. ”


There is no shortage of complaints about this issue in the Microsoft Feedback Center and elsewhere such as Reddit. One user posted to the Feedback Center: “The widget doesn’t have all your calendars and is full of news and unnecessary stuff. Please make it available as before as it was PERFECT and you had the option to create events for any linked accounts on site. ”

With Windows 11 apparently about to move into the final testing stages before release (possibly in October), things aren’t likely to change, it seems, given Microsoft’s comment above.

By the way, for Windows 11 testers who don’t have the big clock display at the top of the calendar flyout, the most positive news is that you can actually get it back by going to Settings > Time & Language > Date & Time > Additional clocks, where there is the option to show up to two clocks.

However, note that they will not display the reading of seconds as seen in Windows 10, just the hour and minutes.

If you want to try out some features of Windows 11 if you have to install it, click on the previous link to access a browser version.


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