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Use your smartwatch as a mobile phone? Yes, it is possible

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The year 2021 promises to be truly revolutionary when it comes to the use of smartwatches, especially the Apple Watch, which leads the ranking of wearable sales, with more than 50% of the market’s revenues.

With few resources in their first models, the truth is that the most popular smartwatches have gradually introduced some features that justify the acquisition of another device.

If not, let’s see: eSIM arrived in Portugal earlier this year, a service that allows you to activate a mobile tariff on equipment such as smartphones and smartwatches, without the need to insert a physical card. The digital SIM can essentially be used as a second SIM card. It allows having a personal and a professional number, adding a data tariff or having a temporary number. But this is only the beginning.

Use your smartwatch as a mobile phone Yes it is

The system has been in existence for at least two years in the UK, but it has only now been “adopted” by a Portuguese operator. “Always stay connected, even without your smartphone,” says NOS in the campaign announcing the “Smart Number” service. “With a smartwatch with mobile connectivity and the new NOS Smart Number, you no longer need to carry your smartphone to stay connected”, says the company.

In fact, it became possible, on devices such as the Apple Watch 6 and SE, Cellular version (and even the Galaxy Watch3 LTE), to use the phone’s features without it being around. So, in addition to using maps, listening to music, receiving notifications, you can also make calls and send messages. It should be noted that Apple Watch Cellular requires an iPhone 6S or later, with operating system iOS 14 or later.

Measuring the level of oxygen in the blood, making an electrocardiogram from the wrist and analyzing the quality of sleep are some of the best features that smartwatches have made available with the introduction of the latest models. Applications to which the digital card is now added.

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