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Use of Facial Recognition without authorization generates a fine for Facebook

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Data protection, in this case associated with facial recognition technology, is an increasingly important issue for internet and social media users. However, the great importance that the theme has been having nowadays is not always accompanied by better applicability on the part of the technological giants. This time it’s Facebook that gets the talk in South Korea after fines have been applied.

South Korea’s Data Protection Commissioner, the Personal Information Protection Commission, fined Facebook for the use of around 6,400,000 Won Koreans (equivalent to about 4,700,000 euros) on Facebook. 200 thousand facial recognition images of its users between April 2018 and September 2019.

In the same decision issued by the Commission of South Korea, Facebook is forced to destroy all these images as well as all the material produced with these data that were collected without any authorization from users of the social network.


In November 2020, the same entity fined Facebook around 4.8 million euros for sharing information with other entities once again without the consent of its users.

In addition to the social network, Netflix and the giant Google were also the target of lawsuits in that country. In the case of the streaming services company, the fine was two hundred and twenty million Korean Wons (about one hundred and sixty thousand euros) for the collection of personal data from more than five million people and a secondary fine of close to two thousand euros for not having disclosed a data transfer to another entity.

The giant Google, on the other hand, was not subject to any monetary fine, remaining only for a written recommendation aimed at improving internal processes for handling personal data as well as clarifying legal notifications to its users.

Source: The Register

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