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USB-C ready to transition from 100 W to 240 W, enough to charge more robust laptops

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Soon, most portable PCs will not need to be equipped with an “ugly” power charger provided by the device’s brand. Is that the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has just announced that it is more than doubling the amount of energy – from 100 Watts to 240 Watts – capable of being carried by a USB-C cable, which means that it will eventually be it is possible to connect with the same type of multifunctional USB-C cable currently used in laptops, tablets and mobile phones to charge all laptops, except for the most powerful gaming notebooks.

Previously, USB-C Power Delivery supported 100 watts, and this definitely slowed the industry down a bit – for example, while a Dell XPS 15 can technically charge via USB-C, it needs 130 W of power to charge and run on your maximum capacity simultaneously. Some manufacturers have sold USB-C adapters without a specification, but they don’t actually always come with the machines and usually have a fixed, inseparable cable to prevent misuse.

But with 240 W of power – something USB-IF is calling the “Extended Power Range” or EPR – in short – it would theoretically be able to power a rugged Alienware m17 gaming laptop with USB-C.

New USB-C chargers and cables will be needed to take advantage of this new specification. Of course, you need to know how to identify and differentiate EPR cables: “All EPR cables must be visibly identified with EPR cable identification items”, says part of the USB-IF requirements for the new specification. A cable will need to support up to 5A and 50V to be compatible.

USB C ready to transition from 100 W to 240 W

Undoubtedly, there will still be particularly robust laptops that demand more than 240 W of power. 330 W power supplies still remain standard on some machines, and there are always outstanding laptops that require more than one power supply to function. Fire desktops often require a lot more power, with a 650 W PSU, and 240 W will not be enough for the latest game consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

On the other hand, some computers are becoming more efficient over the years. Embossed case: iMac’s new color comes with a 143 w power adapter. In a year or two. would be a viable candidate for USB-C power.

Source: The Verge

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