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USB-C is about to go from 100W to 240W

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Advertise Forum USB-IF for version 2.1 of Specifications Its USB-C, which more than doubles the standard’s power delivery capacity.

USB-C is capable of powering everything from headphones to phones and laptops, but despite its growing ubiquity, there are limits to its usefulness.

Power delivery has been restricted to 100 watts for a while, and while this is sufficient for most devices, some powerful laptops still have to use traditional power connectors that can handle higher electrical power.

The current USB-C standard that you find in laptops these days is limited to 100 watts, so it’s not suitable for power-hungry laptops with dedicated graphics cards.

However, the new standard could deliver up to 240 watts, and it may appear on gaming laptops soon.

The new 240-watt power delivery option is called the Extended Power Range EPR in the updated standard.

EPR-enabled cables will have additional requirements to account for higher power delivery capacity, and include specific codes to help users ensure that the cable supports up to 240 watts of power delivery.

Manufacturers must adhere to a new set of specifications for USB-C cables that support EPR to avoid connector limitations and problems that can arise from those higher voltages, such as increased chances of bending during direct cable disconnection.

The cable needs to support up to 5A and 50V to be compatible.

Although we’re not sure when devices featuring the new USB-C power delivery standard will appear, the next generation of USB-C cables should reach the market by the end of this year or early next year.

It should be noted that USB-IF has worked with manufacturers such as: Apple, Google, Dell, Lenovo, HP, LG, Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel, MediaTek, AMD, Oculus and more on the new specifications.

Accordingly, devices with new power from these manufacturers are expected to arrive in the near future.

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