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Urbanista produces solar powered headphones

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Headphones included Los Angeles Urbanista’s new wireless noise cancellation has an integrated solar panel along the headband, allowing it to get power from indoor and outdoor light

Although its built-in 750 mAh battery can be charged conventionally via the USB-C port and provides up to 50 hours of battery life, the real advantage of these headphones is solar charging.

It is scheduled to ship in early summer for 169 pounds (about $ 232).

Although Urbanista promises endless runtime from headphones, the exact amount of power these headphones can generate varies while charging via solar energy.

The company says: One hour you spend in the sun should generate enough power for three hours of speaker operation, but it drops to just two hours on a cloudy day.

And in the worst-case scenario on a long-haul aircraft, you would need about eight hours of exposure to light to get an hour of listening.

In addition to the solar feature, the Los Angeles headphones are Urbanista Her current group is similar to Miami.

The headphones have built-in microphones for use with voice assistants, such as: Siri or Google Assistant, detecting the runtime after being placed over the ear, ambient sound mode, and communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0.

In December 2019, JBL announced its Reflect Eternal solar headphones, which were subsequently funded through the IndieGoGo platform. However, Reflect Eternal headphones aren’t yet available.

In December 2020, the company published an update on the project page saying: The Reflect Eternal headphones are facing significant delays due to the epidemic, and that they offer refunds to supporters.

Both JBL and Urbanista headphones are based on the same Powerfoyle solar charging technology, developed by a company called Exeger.

Exeger CEO (Giovanni Fili) said: “JBL was a bit unlucky with the coronavirus, so Urbanista got lucky that we’re in the same city.

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