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Unitree Go1..a four-legged robot at $2,700 2

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Boston Dynamics isn’t the only company that makes a four-legged robot Unitree Robotics is a Chinese company that has been working in this field for years.

This week, Unitree Robotics revealed its latest innovation: Unitree Go1It’s a remarkably cheap four-legged robot, with prices starting at just $2,700.

For comparison, the Boston Dynamics Spot Robot costs $74,500.

and appear Explainer video It’s put into useful tasks like following someone while they’re running and carrying one water bottle.

The robotics industry is still exploring the best applications of these types of machines. The Spot Robot, for example, is currently being tested in areas such as industrial inspections and police reconnaissance.

Despite this, Unitree Robotics says it wants to make four-legged robots as affordable and popular as smartphones and drones.

The company has a basic spec sheet for the robot on its website, and Unitree Go1 comes in three versions:

  • First: Unitree Go1 Air, $2,700.
  • Two: Unitree Go1 at $3,500.
  • Third: Unitree Go1 Edu at $8,500.

robot Unitree Go1:

Each weighs about 12kg and the more expensive models come with more processor and sensor power.

And apparently, Unitree Go1 Edu is the only version that has an undefined API.

The Unitree Go1 Edu provides the highest level of advanced computing, a 2kg (up to 5kg) payload, plus pedal force sensors and a Lidar.

Spontaneous people-following and obstacle avoidance seem to come as standard. This is despite the fact that only the most expensive models achieved the advertised top speed of 17 kilometers per hour.

Additionally Unitree Robotics doesn’t say anything about battery life either as battery life is a big question.

The video appears to indicate that the robot is able to run three kilometers – an average of 20 minutes – and then do some grocery shopping and a picnic, all while avoiding obstacles and following the person with the load.

Although, Spot has enough battery capacity to last for only 90 minutes. Unitree Robotics has a mode called All-Day Companion.

Technology like this shows that four-legged robots are rapidly transforming from exotic objects into consumer goods. But the real question is can it be useful to us.

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