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Twitter tests new feature to improve privacy

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Twitter has begun testing the first of its proposed set of new privacy tools. The ability to remove a follower without blocking it is one of the new tests. The remove the follower feature is being tested on the web and seems to gain the concept of “soft blocking” as an official Twitter tool.

According to the Twitter publication announcing the test, the user can remove multiple followers from the list on their profile page. Just click on the triple dot menu next to a follower’s name, click “Remove follower” and their tweets will no longer appear in the posts feed.

This new feature is different from blocking someone, which prevents others from seeing your tweets and sending you direct messages. The new Twitter Remove Follower feature is another remote unfollow button, a smoother way to create some distance between yourself and someone else on Twitter.

Previously, whenever any user failed to follow someone else without their knowledge, they could do a “soft lock”, which is when you lock and unlock someone manually. The followers that the user removes have to re-follow you to see your tweets in your timeline, and if you protect the tweets (also known as private tweets, visible only to your followers), they would need your approval to become followers again.

Testing out functionality similar to an official Twitter feature is an admission that it could probably be easier and that people could benefit from it.

An even better solution might be more granular control over who can actually see your tweets at the tweet’s design point. Twitter is considering a “Close friends” option, as it already exists on Instagram, but for now it will keep its list of followers easily and quietly.

Source: Twitter

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