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Twitter may allow you to limit tweets to trusted friends

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Twitter has shared three early design concepts for new features it’s considering adding to its service.

The Trusted Friends option allows users to limit the audience of selected Tweets to a smaller circle of close friends.

Whereas, Facets allows you to rate your tweets as they are sent. The service is also considering allowing users to include certain phrases they’d rather not see in their responses.

Twitter says these ideas are in their early stages, and none are currently in active development.

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Many Twitter users have multiple accounts to separate their work and personal lives. One is often private to prevent personal news from being shared publicly. But features like Trusted Friends and Faces can allow for the same functionality from a single account.

And Trusted Friends can offer a toggle option to let you indicate that a Tweet should be public or just friends (similar to Instagram’s Close Friends feature).

Whereas, Facets offers more control, in theory allowing you to sort your tweets into professional and personal, hobby or specific interests.

The platform says: You may be able to follow someone just because they tweet about a certain topic. This is instead of having to follow his account as a whole.

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Twitter develops new features

The proposed final feature allows you to select specific phrases that you would prefer not to see in responses to your Tweets. Followers then see these highlighted phrases, along with a warning not to use this language.

And in one of the Twitter example screenshots, the word asshole was highlighted along with a warning.

Although Twitter says people can ignore the directions, the authors of the tweets have the option to move these offending responses to the bottom of the conversation.

Twitter cautions that it is not currently actively building any of these features. Instead, she hopes that tweeting about it early will help the company gather feedback about its early-stage plans.

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And last month, chirp Dominic Camusi, privacy designer at Twitter, reported on a similar work in progress to allow users to unmention them when they are tagged in a conversation.

It comes weeks after the company began publicly testing its new tip feature Tip Jar, with people discovering that it risks showing the sender’s home address to the recipient when using PayPal.

Although the problem was technically caused by PayPal rather than Twitter, critics argued that the social network should have given users more warning when they used the payment feature.

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