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Twitter makes it possible to access Voice Rooms across the web

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The Twitter platform took another step in the social field of audio with Add access Spaces Across the Web.

This means that you can now access the Clubhouse-style sound rooms from your desktop computer.

The company announced that you will be able to join the audio rooms from web browsers via desktop and mobile devices starting Wednesday.

This makes access to the company’s social voice rooms wider in all regions.

Previously, you could only join Spaces from Twitter apps on iOS and Android.

Aside from the early access problems, being able to access Spaces across the web is a major advance.

This move opens the way for more users to access the audio rooms.

It also allows hosts and speakers to use computer microphones and audio settings, which will make way for higher quality, more professional broadcast Spaces.

And when you want to join Space on your computer, you’ll first get a preview of Space, similar to a mobile setup, that shows you a select group of people speaking and attending.

If you choose to join, the Space window will then shrink to the right of the Twitter presentation screen, enabling you to continue scrolling through your timeline while you listen.

And if you turn on captions, they also appear at the bottom of the Spaces window, so you can follow along with the text as well, while there will also be a panel below the main screen to highlight the voice you hear.

Twitter compete clubhouse:

This step is to add value that improves Twitter’s voice option. While also adding more pressure to Clubhouse, which has rolled out its Android app in all regions.

And Clubhouse still operates on a call-only basis to better manage the system load. Whereas, Spaces is now available to everyone who has more than 600 followers.

And this expanded access is now a big temptation for anyone to consider their social, audio options.

The Clubhouse still enjoyed a level of exclusivity among early adopters. But, in the competitive sense, a platform with a larger scale is more likely to win.

This does not mean that Clubhouse cannot confront Facebook’s social audio spaces and gadgets. But it may need to refocus on a specific place of use to avoid comparison and competition with larger platforms.

And for Twitter, it’s starting to take advantage of Vocal social trend through increased platform usage and engagement.

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