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Twitter is officially testing the Tip Jar feature

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Started The Twitter platform has officially launched the new Tip Jar feature across Android and iOS applications, which allows users to send money directly to their favorite accounts.

You can use the feature by clicking on the newly added dollar icon next to the username when viewing their account via a Twitter mobile app.

Users can deactivate the tip feature for individuals or organizations that you don’t want people to send money to.

Tip Jar supports a variety of payment options and links, such as: Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, Venmo, and PayPal.

IOS users can send money through these services, but Android users will only be able to access the feature at this time through Spaces.

Twitter uses external payment processors for these services in transactions, and added that it will not take part of users’ tips.

All English Twitter users can send tips starting today, but only a select group (including content creators, journalists, experts, and nonprofits) can turn on the feature to accept money at this time.

Users have been using Twitter to solicit tips for years, so it stands to reason that the platform is looking to streamline the feature as part of its app.

Notably, the only way to access Tip Jar at the moment is through going to the user account.

This means that sending someone some money in exchange for a Tweet may take a little more effort than just liking or retweeting.

There are some issues Twitter has to solve, as sending tips via PayPal using the Tip Jar currently allows those who send the money to see the recipient’s address, which is a worrying security issue.

And theAcknowledged Twitter support account about the issue, and said: We are adding warnings to inform users that the tip via PayPal also shares the address associated with the account.

However, a PayPal spokesperson said: The addresses are only shared if payments are sent under the “Goods and Services” category, and that the “Friends and Family” option keeps users’ addresses hidden.

“This is the standard functionality of the PayPal app and we work closely with Twitter to ensure user awareness,” the spokesperson added.

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