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Twitter is considering editing tweets within a specific time

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Twitter is currently experimenting with a new image format, which takes up all horizontal space during broadcasts, eliminating the current rounded borders across your photos.

According to what I shared it Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, the new design spans the entire width of the feed, giving it a look a bit closer to Facebook, but it looks better than the current Tweet image view.

Apparently, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, agrees with the change. In response to Wong’s original tweet, he posted, “This is so much better.”

His response is an tacit confirmation that this edit is coming, which could be an important change to note the photos you’ve Tweeted, to ensure the additional view is maximized as it becomes available.

On the other hand, the platform also gave users some new hope about editing tweets Subtract Producer Leader Kevon Bikbor questioned in a poll tweet.

And the question said: If a Twitter Blue subscription allows you to edit tweets within a few minutes of being posted, would you like to subscribe.

Twitter has been talking about this potential addition for years, with Dorsey explaining how she might do well in an interview in 2019.

Dorsey said at the time: When you post a tweet, it goes into the world instantly. You cannot get it back. So we may introduce a delay of 5-30 seconds in transmission. You can edit the Tweet within that time period.

“The problem with going longer than that is that it changes the nature of the actual time the conversation takes place,” he added.

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Twitter considering editing tweets

Bikpur talks about a length of time of up to minutes. But the idea is the same, which could become a potential addition to the Twitter Blue subscription offer that is currently available to users in Canada and Australia.

Twitter Blue offers an undo send option, which enables users to withdraw their sent tweets within up to 30 seconds of posting. Editing within a wider time period enhances the choice even more.

It’s helpful to see Twitter continue to explore new ideas for its monetization tools. Editing tweets is not coming, Dorsey said last year. But the revival of this debate shows that Twitter may be running out of ideas to entice people to pay for the things you provide.

The platform’s management is under pressure to improve its results, after years of relative stagnation. It has identified some ambitious growth targets that you will likely need to achieve. Editing tweets may be the main lure that attracts more people.

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