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Twitter Blue can be a paid service with exclusive news

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It seems that the possibility of a Twitter subscription is rapidly approaching. The applications researcher Jane Manchun Won published a tweet that the social network is preparing to launch a $ 2.99 per month subscription model called Twitter Blue, which will offer users exclusive services, such as saving and organizing favorite tweets, as well as undoing tweets.

CEO Jack Dorsey had previously said that Twitter was exploring the idea of ​​a subscription model. And following the acquisition of Scroll earlier this month, product vice president Mike Park wrote on the company’s blog that Scroll, an ad publishing agency, “will become a significant addition to our subscription work as we build and we shape a future subscription service on Twitter ”, not hiding, clearly, that this possibility was already being addressed and that it would be close.

We already know that it is often difficult to find the best form of monetization for this type of platform, with the help of the decrease in new users registering on the social network and also with the recent “blocking” of tracking users imposed by Apple, the company had to find a new way to increase revenue. And it looks like you’ve already found it.

The subscription model can help the company offset this decline.

Wong’s discovery indicates that the new subscription service will be called Twitter Blue and will have multiple subscription levels, with higher prices offering more services, such as a less confusing news reading experience.

It is not known if Twitter, even though more features will be exclusive for paying accounts of this subscription, but with this information, it certainly should not be long before the company gives more information about this novelty.

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