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Twitter Appoints ‘Complaints Officer’ to Comply with India’s Internet Rules

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Twitter is striving to reassure India and recover its responsibility to protect the content made by users. As reported by Bloomberg, the Twitter platform has told an Indian court that it has appointed complaints officers and nodals to honor new rules that require full-time local officials to deal with issues such as law enforcement and compliance.

Previously, the court had alleged that Twitter was in “full non-compliance” and had removed the protections, leaving Twitter legally vulnerable in the event of submission of illegal material made by users.

Police have filed lawsuits against Twitter several times based on the user’s actions, including violations related to child pornography or the publication of controversial political maps.

The giant of social networks is not yet in a favorable moment. The government will have to determine whether or not executives will bring India into compliance with the rules. Another hearing is scheduled for August 10th.


However, it should be noted that companies such as Facebook, Google and Telegram have already met the requirements.

Twitter has a turbulent relationship with the Indian government. The social media giant refused to block criticism of the Indian government after authorities threatened to arrest officials in early February. Consequently, India ordered Twitter to publish criticisms of its response to the pandemic, following the emergence of COVID-19 cases in April. The alleged violations of the rules represented only an escalation of the already high tensions in this regard. Not that Twitter has much choice but to comply – leaving the Indian market would be a serious blow to its business, while having little impact on censorship in the country.

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