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Tumblr bets on subscription service

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After 15 years of existence, and having become one of the oldest blogging platforms today, Tumblr, like what happens with some social networks and other platforms, wants to give its users the possibility to earn money through its content.

The new feature, dubbed Post Plus, which debuted today only in beta version and for a very restricted group of content creators, gives the possibility of having monthly subscriptions of different values. Values ​​range from $3.99, $5.99 and $9.99.

Founded in 2007, the platform has gone through many changes over the years. After being acquired in 2013 by Yahoo, which currently belongs to Verizon, in 2019 it was acquired by Automattic, the company that also owns WordPress. This year, Automattic changed its community support tools for the first time.

Tumblr bets on subscription service

The content creation process on Post Plus is similar to that of any other conventional post on Tumblr, however the content creator will need to indicate that the post is for subscribers only, regardless of the content format.

This new feature, in addition to being a way to attract new users to the platform, is a way to help those who have been using Tumblr for a long time, allowing them to earn extra income.

A Tumblr spokesperson has already announced that the news does not stop there and that the platform expects to release more news by the end of the year, namely next autumn. According to Tumblr, quoted by TechCrunch, currently more than 48% of users are from Generation Z. “Young Generation Z spend 26% more time on the platform than older bloggers, and their average daily usage time is increasing year on year”, refer the platform representatives.

Source: TechCrunch

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