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Trust Voxx rechargeable and ergonomic wireless mouse review

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With a weight of only 149 grams, a 2-year warranty and a price of around € 50, the rechargeable and ergonomic Voxx wireless mouse from Trust, with digital LED screen, has an ergonomic vertical design for optimal comfort.

This mouse prevents those who work a lot online to stop straining their wrist so much, allowing them to work as long as they wish. This is because the vertical shape of this ergonomic mouse reduces pressure on the wrists and arms, while the adjustable buttons and the LED display menu help to improve the user’s workflow.


The mouse is made of extremely resistant black plastic, fits extremely well in the hand, and access to the 9 buttons is adequate and extremely accessible. Three buttons can be pressed with the thumb only on one of the side faces, and the remaining 5 buttons plus the scroll wheel with the three fingers: index, middle and ring on the other side located at an angle.

Pressing the buttons is smooth and an appropriate touch accompanied by a click that does not disturb current activities. It has four DPI positions: 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2400.

Trust Voxx rechargeable and ergonomic wireless mouse review

The mouse body is covered with matte black plastic, which has a very elegant appearance and, due to its thin structure, is soft to the touch. In addition, the mouse body is provided around the perimeter with oblique edges, which support the grip and prevent the hand from sliding downward on the mouse.

The Trust Voxx has a range of about 10 meters, both on a 2.4 G connection and on Bluetooth, which is more than enough to be used in a normal office. We tested the consumption of the mouse in normal operation, and the mouse worked without problems for about 3 weeks, with more than eight hours of daily operation, all with normal charge via the USB cable in the packaging.

Customizable buttons and settings

Although the vertical design of any mouse makes it more comfortable to handle, it is useless if it is not functional. That is why the Voxx is a true workhorse with 9 buttons. The DPI button is used to adjust the cursor speed (1200, 1600, 2000 and 2400 DPI) and the side buttons for fast forward and backward in the browser. The buttons can also be customized.

The ergonomic and rechargeable wireless mouse Voxx is equipped with a very useful LED screen, which allows you to control your most important settings, such as the functionality of the buttons, DPI, the status of the connection and the remaining battery. All this personalization allowed, which makes the device behave almost automatically, makes work the only subject to be taken into account.

Bluetooth and USB

The Voxx can be used in any way the user wishes. Can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth on compatible notebooks, tablets and even smartphones. And if your notebook or PC is not compatible with Bluetooth, the USB micro receiver included in the mouse will do the trick.

It is conveniently stored in the mouse itself, so it is never out of reach. We can even use this mouse when we run out of battery, thanks to the charging cable.

1619113651 620 Trust Voxx rechargeable and ergonomic wireless mouse review

Main features

  • ergonomic vertical design reduces arm and wrist strain;
  • the LED screen shows the battery and connection status, wireless mode and DPI setting;
  • it is possible to optimize the workflow by reassigning button functions via the LED screen menu;
  • can be used via USB or Bluetooth on the PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone;
  • environmentally friendly, does not use batteries due to the built-in rechargeable battery;
  • it has 9 buttons, including easily accessible side buttons operated with the thumb (back and forth) and top buttons with extra grip.

Verdict: Trust Voxx

With an energy-saving on / off switch and built-in rechargeable battery, the Voxx mouse is truly environmentally friendly as well as your electricity bill. The vertical ergonomic design is excellent for avoiding those wrist pains for those who work long hours and daily.

Trust Voxx rechargeable and ergonomic wireless mouse review

The configuration of the customizable buttons and four available cursor speeds help to make the job easier, and the LED screen clearly shows everything we need to know about the state of navigation and the mouse itself.

With a black color and an elegant design, a light weight and an affordable price for most people who work online, we strongly recommend rechargeable Voxx mouse and wireless ergonomic from Trust when compared to other mice in the same price range, which is around 50 €.

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