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Trust IRIS, the new video conferencing solution arrives in Portugal

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The pandemic radically imposed teleworking, which poses a major challenge for companies. Many of them have not only managed to adapt, but are already planning a hybrid work model for employees.

Moreover, in Portugal, according to a study by Celside Insurance, 81% of Portuguese would like to remain in telework and, among those who answered affirmatively, one third would like to do so every day.

To respond to this challenge, Trust, a reference brand in digital accessories, presents IRIS, its video conferencing solution that is now available in Portugal with a price of 799 €.

IRIS is an integral and multifunctional solution that transforms any space into a professional videoconference room. The easy-to-install device instantly provides an ideal connection between people in the conference room and all participants who are on remote work.

Trust IRIS the new video conferencing solution arrives in Portugal

This video conferencing solution is compatible with all types of software such as Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Skype, among others, making it the perfect tool for any video call. Its wide-angle lens and microphones allow meetings of between 2 and 8 people sitting at a safe distance. IRIS has a Plug and Play system which means that it can be prepared and started in a few minutes.

ClearView technology

IRIS ClearView technology delivers sharp, high-resolution images with a 4K Ultra HD high-resolution camera and an interactive experience with a 120º wide angle and digital zoom. The settings include voice tracking, where the camera rotates, tilts and automatically approaches the speaker.

With the ‘manual mode’, it is possible to have total control of the camera’s framing and zoom and, if there are several people in the meeting, the ‘participant mode’ is in charge of automatically adjusting the camera to fit them all. ‘Speaker mode’ allows the camera to focus on a single person. In addition, with ClearView technology it is possible to choose between artificial and natural lighting, ensuring the best possible image quality.

ClearSound technology

IRIS ClearSound technology contains a high-quality loudspeaker optimized for voice audio. The integrated microphone set has a pickup range of up to 5 meters that can be expanded using external microphones. In addition, ClearSound technology uses an algorithm to ensure that each participant is clearly audible, regardless of where they are seated. The noise canceling function ensures that the ambient sound does not disturb the meetings.

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