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Trust Announces First Fully Recycled Product

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Trust has taken interesting and important steps in its mission to simplify everyday life through smart and sustainable solutions. Through the Clevergreen initiative, the company is developing several projects related to the environmental impact of its products, packaging and operations. “With Clevergreen, we are starting our sustainable journey,” says Allard Boer, CFO, Trust.

“We are greatly reducing waste and plastics used in our products and packaging as well as using more materials from renewable resources. We also aim to improve recyclability and optimize our processes and operations to reduce our carbon footprint. ”

Trust focuses on smart changes that can make a green difference and has already achieved some of the milestones. The company changed its manuals to digital versions for the vast majority of its products, thus removing paper manuals from packaging. Trust has also reduced the size of its packaging and has been replacing and removing plastics inside plastic for packaging. “Making this change to the packaging of the GXT gaming headphones resulted in a 16% reduction in plastic usage in 2020,” says Boer.

Trust Announces First Fully Recycled Product

“We are constantly looking for recyclable alternatives to traditional packaging methods, as well as participating in various audits for sustainable certifications, such as FSC and GRS certificates.

To enable consumers to make more sustainable choices, Trust is introducing an eco-assessment system for its packaging and products. For example, a rating will be given based on the use of FSC certified cardboard or optimized volume packaging without plastic, foam, PVC and polystyrene. The highest rating will apply when the packaging is the most environmentally friendly and the product itself is made from recycled materials.

Atlanta laptop bag, the first Clevergreen product made from recycled materials

Trust Announces First Fully Recycled Product

Today, the Trust announces its first of many products made from recycled materials: Atlanta, a recycled laptop bag. A practical and eco-friendly suitcase made from 17 recycled PET bottles. Accessories, peripherals and personal belongings are safely stored in the gang’s extra compartments as they travel between home and office in this new era of hybrid work.

The origin of the materials used was verified according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). This means that the fabric supplier is GRS certified and a transaction certificate (TC) for each shipment, proving that the fabric is in fact created from recycled materials.

“Nothing will be the same as before, particularly in business. We need to pay constant attention to the planet and the people involved in our ecosystem. It is our responsibility and ambition to design products sustainably, run operations and offer consumers smart, affordable and sustainable choices. ” says Boer. “This is not something that can be achieved overnight. It is an ongoing effort and we are engaging and collaborating with our partners and suppliers to make these smart changes to our production, operations and product range. ”

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