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Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker Review: Review

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The portable wireless speaker Tronsmart Studio comes in an elegant box like the rest of your accessories. The build quality is good – all metal and solid. It has a very strong bluetooth connection and the sound is surprisingly loud for the small size of the device. One downside is that the buttons are small and it takes a lot of force to activate them.

Design and accessories

The speaker has an all-metal (aluminum) outer casing, and the front and rear grilles are also made of metal, with large rubber knobs on top and a thick rubber base to prevent slipping.

On the back there is a USB C port for charging, a 3.5 mm input connector (both cables are also included in the box) and finally a micro SD card if the user prefers to use the speaker in a portable way.


The buttons are tactile enough, but it takes a little effort to press them. The buttons are all black in color, with no distinct markings or lights, which makes them difficult to see, especially indoors. The user needs to memorize the positions of the 6 buttons on the device before being able to use them comfortably. Clear markings on the buttons (perhaps on future products) would be much better.

This speaker from the Tronsmart Studio measures 21 cm in length, 7 cm in width and 6.5 cm in height. It weighs 800 grams. It is only available in black.


At the top are the buttons that are the controls for volume, play, pause, turn on, Bluetooth (5.0) and transmission mode. Also at the top are lights that indicate the battery level, bluetooth connection and transmission mode enabled.


Tronsmart Studio can last more than 15 hours at a normal listening level. For a Bluetooth speaker, it’s a very good battery and it lasts enough for the average user.


It supports fast USB-C charging that goes from 0 to 100% in approximately 3.5 hours to recharge the 2 * 2000mah batteries built into the speaker.

There is an auto power off mode that automatically turns off the speaker after 15 minutes if it is not paired with any device via Bluetooth or is not playing, in order to save battery power.


This speaker is app-compatible, providing the means to have future updates, change the EQ preset, switch between the input source (Bluetooth, Line in or Micro SD file) and activate Broadcast mode, which is essentially daisy-chained – connecting multiple Tronsmart Studio loudspeakers to operate simultaneously.

After downloading the application, select the speakers and then Tronsmart Studio. Then you will be able to see the battery level on the main page and if you press the three dots (…) in the upper right corner, there you will find the options to update the firmware, disconnect or read the user manual.

A problem with the application is that it doesn’t save the last preset as the user configured it, it always reverts to the ‘Default’ configuration. Of course, this issue will be resolved in a future software update.



Tronsmart Studio features the acoustic quality typical of a small speaker: decent amount of bass, focused mids and mids, and relaxed highs. As the size suggests, it lacks a deep sub-bass range.

As for the internal structure of the speaker, we have 4 passive radiators on the back and 3 drivers on the front to provide 2.1 channel sound (2 tweeters and 1 woofer) all wrapped around the aluminum chassis to enhance audio.

SoundPulse mode gives the audio a big boost and adds more bass, which in turn adds more depth to the sound. Tronsmart uses its SoundPulse DSP technology to keep the sound clear and prevent it from getting distorted at higher volumes.

It’s good to have the application active for each user to set the equalizer of their choice. The two passive radiators provide bass sound. Basses work best at lower volumes.

Studio also supports an auxiliary input, which you can take advantage of using the 3.5mm audio jack cable provided in the box, but Bluetooth offers a better connection compared to the auxiliary input.


The volume, given the metal construction of the device, is too high for average needs. It is possible to set the volume to level 16, but at 5 or 6 the sound is already perfectly audible. At level 16, the maximum is extremely high, too much even.


A very useful feature is the TrunConn mode, which allows you to synchronize the sound across more than 100 speakers. This feature is not very common on devices of this type. One hundred synchronized loudspeakers can be used for more professional functions, such as conferences, or for recreational purposes, such as parties attended by a large number of people. Sound synchronization is clear and excellent.

Voice assistant is available by pressing the SoundPulse button for 2 seconds, but only when using your smartphone’s bluetooth connection and if it is unlocked.

It is possible to talk on the phone through Tronsmart Studio, but the sound of calls is not very good. We do not recommend using this speaker for that function.

Verdict: Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker

O Tronsmart Studio costs around 50 euros, a very affordable price for the average user and fair given the quality of the stereo. Putting it on while working on the computer is relaxing, and since it’s portable it’s also possible to use Tronsmart Studio in the car or outdoors.


The performance of this sound device is surprisingly good, with cool features and solid construction.

Bluetooth has a good range. A negative point to review in a future speaker of the brand are the black buttons, which resemble the color of the device itself. In dimly lit environments, if the user has not memorized the location of each one and its specific function, it will be difficult to manipulate the device.

In general, we recommend Tronsmart Studio because of its excellent cost/quality ratio..

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