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Toshiba leaves the notebook market

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As it is advanced by the news site, Gizmodo, the Toshiba has just sold its stake in the Dynabook brand – a line of laptops owned by the Japanese brand that has remained until today -, a total of 19.9% to the Sharp Corporation, a Japanese conglomerate company.

It seems that Toshiba reached the end of a cycle, victim of numerous exogenous and even endogenous factors. On the one hand, it has allowed itself to be surpassed in a highly competitive market and one that enjoys unparalleled leadership capacity, on the other hand, the strong technological innovation of so many other giants has overshadowed Toshiba’s strong development in digital media – such as films , animation and other associated focuses.

It is important to mention that, the Japanese brand had already sold the remaining 80.1% of Dynabook to the Sharp (ensuring the abandonment of fixed PCs, something that did not dominate). However, it seems that this was the outcome of consecutive years chasing the loss, demonstrating how important investment in technology companies is.

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Putting an end to more than 35 years of experience and know-how, it looks like it will be the last time we will see a notebook of the brand. And now? For the most inattentive, the brand dominates other areas of research, namely, the development of hard disks, printers and is even present in the energy market.

This once giant, will not be forgotten. THE peak has been reached over the years 1990 to 2000, allowing this company based in Japan revolutionize and trivialize the use of the laptop in thousands of homes. It is unlikely, not having or had a product of this brand at home.

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The first laptop developed by the company, was announced and marketed in 1985, having been nicknamed T1100having rechargeable batteries, one floppy disk reader 3.5 inches and 256KB of memory – the last cry of the time – whose price pointed to 2000 dollars.

Source TheVerge

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