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Top Gun 2’s opening scene shows Tom Cruise reaching Mach 10

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Trailers have already given audiences a glimpse of Cruise’s new ride on the thrilling Top Gun, but attendees at this year’s CinemaCon fair in Las Vegas have been treated to a “ahead” look that proves Cruise isn’t ready to slow down.

The footage shared by Paramount is from the opening of the film, and proves that Maverick hasn’t lost his need for speed as he boards a test plane and sets a new airspeed record of Mach 10. For the record, the record for Actual current speed for an airplane is only Mach 6.7, and so Maverick is really trying to break that particular mark.

The film opens with classical music and text explaining what the Top Gun program in the Navy is. The first photos are of jets preparing to pull off an aircraft carrier at dawn, it seems. The music immediately switches to Danger Zone as the jets take off. And then we see some of the jets landing back on the aircraft carrier.


The image fades and then cuts to the Mojave Desert, CA, with Maverick exiting a room and entering an airplane hangar, sitting down and eating. Then it shows him working on the classic plane we see in the poster/trailers. We see scenes of characters from the original movie in the photos, particularly Goose and his family, with the last shot being of Rooster.

Maverick puts on his leather jacket, grabs his keys and starts his bike — then pictures of him on his trailer bike — this part is marked with the original theme, but in a slower version. Maverick arrives at another hangar and a police officer tells him: “We were ordered to withdraw. They say we’re short. They want Mach 10. “Maverick responds,” Mach 10? Today it’s Mach 9. “The officer says, “That’s not good enough. “They discuss the secret test project of the plane from the end of the trailer. “Well, he’s not here yet. Mach 10? Let’s give them Mach 10.”

Elsewhere, one of the officers said, “It’s Mach 10. It’s not 10.1, it’s not 10.2. Mach 10. “So we see footage of Maverick getting ready to ‘taxi’ into the plane and take off. Just before takeoff, the officer says it’s not too late for Maverick to give up. He says, “You know what will happen to you if you do.”

Maverick says, “I know what will happen to everyone if I don’t. “When taking off, he says to himself: ‘One last ride. We then see the final scene from the previous trailer, of him flying over Rear Admiral Kane, Ed Harris. Kane walks in and tells the officer, “I’m early. Care to explain?” Orders the officers to tell Maverick to return to base.


Maverick continues to fly and reaches Mach 8.4, and climbing. The official says, “He’s the fastest man alive” once Maverick hits Mach 9. We hear an exciting score when Maverick goes up from 9.1 to 9.2, 9.3 etc. When it hits 9.8, people in the control room receive warnings of temperature rises. Maverick: “Come on, just a little longer. Let’s go!” He then hits Mach 10. Everyone applauds, and one of the officers tells the admiral, “Put this in your budget.” Maverick looks at 10.0 on the screen and thinks about going faster.

The officer continues: “No, don’t do that.” It reaches 10.2. Maverick receives multiple alerts and the image is cropped. The cops lose communication and then we see the plane crashing in the distance. The next image is of Maverick walking down the road with his gear and arriving at a cafe. Everyone looks at him and he takes a glass of water. And then he asks, “Where am I?”


Tom Cruise is thus back in the “Danger Zone”, reaching Mach 10 in the scene of Top Gun 2 presented at CinemaCon. The star now reaches new heights with the release of the original Top Gun in 1986. The film grossed $357 million (approximately €303 million) at the box office.

It’s been decades since Top Gun sent Cruise into the “Danger Zone” and, in some ways, very little has changed. Cruise is still a global superstar and is still struggling when it comes to action movie production. Now Cruise is ready to return to the skies in Top Gun: Maverick, which takes up the story of Captain Pete Mitchell 35 years after the events of the original film.

Cruise joined the long-awaited sequel to Miles Teller as Rooster, son of Maverick’s dead co-driver Goose, along with Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, Jon Hamm and others. Val Kilmer is the only other cast member who has returned from the original Top Gun. Clearly Top Gun: Maverick doesn’t hesitate to explore nostalgia, as the entire first sequel is filled with references to the original film including Maverick’s love of riding a motorcycle, not to mention the presence of Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” on the soundtrack.

The real danger here, of course, is that after Archer’s comedic use of “Danger Zone” a serious use of music can emerge unintentionally funny. The cartoonish exaggeration can also be a problem with the plot of the film’s test pilot, which feels like something straight out of The Right Stuff (Right Stuff actor Harris’ presence only adds to these echoes of the classic 1980s astronaut movie ). There’s even a training setup that is, without a doubt, the most 80’s thing imaginable.


The footage described above definitely sounds like Top Gun: Maverick is following fans of the original movie and 80s action movies in general. It also seems like stroking Cruise’s ego is important, with lines like “He’s the fastest man in the world” as he defies death on a test plan.

And while the test pilot is perhaps the logical way for Maverick to pursue a career, since aerial combat isn’t very important these days, even flying experimental aircraft is far from the glorious pursuit it was during Chuck Yeager’s days. unless someone is a billionaire flying a rocket). Top Gun 2 may actually ‘flirt’ with hilarity more than danger, turning Maverick into some sort of enthusiastic return to The Right Stuff era. But then again, maybe Cruise and company can do this without looking too ridiculous.

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