Top 6 Ways to Fix Screen Rotation Issue for Android Phones

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Users need to rotate the phone screen when viewing photos or a video or while playing games, but some may be surprised that the screen does not rotate, but rest assured, this problem has been reported by many Android users from time to time, and fortunately there are some ways that you can do It is used to quickly solve the problem of screen rotation.

The reason why the screen rotation does not work automatically may vary, it may be due to the phone settings and it may be due to faulty sensors on the phone, and here are the best 6 ways to fix the screen rotation problem for Android phones.

Top 6 Ways to Fix Screen Rotation Issue for Android Phones

Check auto-rotate settings

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Before thinking about trying complicated solutions, you can first check the auto-rotate settings on your phone and you can access the quick settings menu and make sure that auto-rotate is enabled.

You can also go to settings, then screen settings, then advanced options, then check that the Auto-rotate screen option is enabled.

And if you are using a phone with Android 9 operating system or higher, when you hold the phone sideways, it will present you with an auto-rotate icon in the lower left corner of the screen and when you tap on it, the screen will rotate without having to go into the screen rotation settings and with a large percentage you will find that the screen rotation problem has been resolved .

Restart the application

If you have enabled the auto screen rotation option but it is still working then the problem might be with the app itself so you have to restart the app first to see if the screen rotation is working fine.

Some Android video playback apps have bypass the auto screen rotation option on the phone and in such case these apps provide screen rotation feature so check the settings within the app itself.

Reboot the phone

If you have tried the app restart solution and the screen rotation issue is not resolved then it is time to restart the phone itself as locking and reopening the phone closes all the apps running on the phone giving you the opportunity to fix UI issues and troubleshoot by Android.

Allow home screen rotation

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On Android phones, screen rotation does not work with certain screens such as the lock screen and the call screen by default, so if one of those screens is not working, it means that you have not enabled the home screen rotation option.

To enable the Home screen rotation option you have to tap and hold on the empty area of ​​the Home screen and select the Home settings option and then you can switch to the Allow Home screen rotation option.

Be aware that not all phones support home screen rotation and call screen feature, including Pixel phones.

Check phone sensors

If the aforementioned methods did not solve the problem of automatic screen rotation, then it is time to dig deeper and check the phone’s sensors if there is a problem with one of those sensors that you can overcome and solve.

To do this, you have to rely on an external application, such as the Physics Toolbox Sensor, to test your sensors and work on fixing them in case of any problems related to them. Google Play from here.

Update your Android device

Phone manufacturers are constantly updating software to fix bugs and errors in the operating system so users should keep their smartphones updated to the latest version available for their phone.

To update your phone, open your settings menu, then go to system settings, click on advanced settings options, and click on the system update option to download and install any available updates.

The screen rotation feature is an integral part of the daily use of the phone, so of course you are aware of the importance of this feature when it stops, in case you have done all the above-mentioned solutions and were not able to solve the problem, the problem may be related to your device and it is time to visit the authorized service center to work on fixing it .

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