Top 5 ways to delete stubborn files on Android phone

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Deleting stubborn files in the Android phone is something that many users need when they encounter this problem. Sometimes these files fill the space of the device and it becomes impossible to delete them, so what is the reason behind this problem? Is it a virus on the device or another reason? In this article, we learn in detail the causes of the problem and various ways to solve it.

Why can’t a file or files be deleted on Android phone?

Top 5 ways to delete stubborn files on Android 2
There are multiple reasons why a file cannot be deleted

There are certain files in the Android system that the Android system does not allow to delete, this matter is due to the nature of the files themselves or to the presence of an emergency defect on these files, this causes inconvenience to Android phone users. Knowing the reason for not completing the process helps a lot in solving the problem, and making the owner deal with it better, These are the main reasons for the difficulty of deleting some files:

The file is one of the files of the Android system itself, and it is designed to be non-deletable in order not to cause the system to stop working.

Sometimes the file you want to delete is already in use, it might be one of the apps running in the background.

The file is designed or saved so that it may not be modified in any way.

The presence of a virus that has changed the nature of the files and made them impossible to delete, you can guess that if these files were normal, such as Word, for example.

Ways to delete stubborn files on Android phone

There are many solutions available to solve the problem of difficulty deleting certain files, you can browse all of them and choose what suits you or what you deem most effective, and the most important of these methods are:

Method 1: Use a file delete program

Top 5 ways to delete stubborn files on an Android phone 3
Delete stubborn files on Android phone

There are many applications available on the Google Store for this purpose, and it is considered capable of deleting stubborn files on the Android phone, and the most important and most famous of these programs is the ishredder application, and it has the advantage of being able to permanently delete any stubborn file, so that it cannot be recovered no matter what happens, and it follows high security standards very.

This application can be downloaded in a very easy way from here

Second method: Download a virus scanner

Top 5 ways to delete stubborn files on Android 4 phone
Malewarebytes program to scan malware

If the files that cannot be deleted are normal files, and you made sure yourself that all files are closed and unopened, then the cause may be a harmful virus and then you must actually delete this file before it causes more damage, so use an anti-virus application, and we mention Malwarebytes security.

It is a popular application with more than five million subscribers, and it has a great rating on the Google Store. Start by downloading the application and running it to clean the device and then try again to delete the stubborn file, and it can be downloaded from here

Third method: Close the device and open it again

Top 5 ways to delete stubborn files on Android 5
Restarting the device may solve the problem of undeletable files

This solution may seem useless to you, but it is often more successful than you can imagine, as the restart frees memory from programs and temporary files accumulated in it that may affect the performance of the device, and prevent erasing certain files, after the restart you will be able Delete stubborn files on Android phone, or at least a lot of them.

Fourth method: using a computer or laptop

Top 5 ways to delete stubborn files on Android 6 phone
Connect your device to the computer and delete stubborn files

Often times the problem is in deleting files from the internal storage, and even if you delete the file, it comes back again, then you can delete the stubborn files on the Android phone by connecting it to the computer, then enter the memory from there and delete those files easily by selecting it and compressing Delete button.

Fifth method: Factory reset the device

Top 5 ways to delete stubborn files on Android 7
Factory settings can be accessed through the general device settings

We do not recommend resorting to this method except in the event that the previous methods failed, and the fact that deleting files is necessary because it will lead to the loss of all data on the device, if you find it necessary, first take a copy of the basic data on your device such as the list of names and files and save it on the computer or in any Convenient place, to get it back after factory reset.

These were the top five effective ways to delete stubborn files on an Android phone, use them carefully to solve the problem without causing any losses to the device.

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