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Gameloft games are among the most popular and popular mobile games among fans of electronic games of all ages. The French company Gameloft was founded in 1991 and has more than 30 branches around the world. The company’s most games are available for mobile phones, but it also produced games for computers, Xbox and In this article, we talk about the best games of this company for Android and iPhone, according to the evaluation of store users, with links to download them.

Best Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone 2021

Gameloft was founded by Michael Gilmot, and its profits in 2017 amounted to about 258 million euros. Many of these profits are due to the success and popularity of the games that the game launches in many areas such as adventure, car racing, and others. We review together the 8 best games released by the company for mobile phones of all kinds.

1- Asphalt 8 game

Top 5 Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone 2021 1
Asphalt game has about 300 cool vehicle designs

It is considered among the most famous and best car racing games for phones, and this is the ninth version of it. The game has excellent graphics designs, especially because of the shapes of the cars in it, and the control of driving the car is easy and flexible so that the player does not feel frustrated for his failure to control the car time after time as happens in games The similarities are difficult to control, which causes the car to get off the road quickly and players get bored of it.

The game has nearly 300 licensed cars and bikes with 75 different tracks in the desert, snow and other atmospheres, with loud engine sounds that make the person enter the atmosphere of the real race, the game can be played individually or in groups,

For fans of car racing and its related excitement, you can download this game for Android from here and for iPhone from here Version 9 of the game is also available on the Apple Store.

2- NOVA Legacy

Top 5 Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone 2021 2
Nova legacy . game

If you are a fan of science fiction games, this game is the right one for you, especially since it has a three-dimensional design. It is considered one of the most beautiful Gameloft games, and the game is designed based on a series of famous epics bearing the same name.

The story of the game can be summarized in the presence of alien invaders of the planet, who are confronted by the commander of one of the spaceships named as Nova, in cooperation with an artificial intelligence expert named Yelena, the game can be played individually, in groups or with players online, and it has multiple weapons.

This interesting game can be downloaded for Android phone users from here For iPhone usersستخدم from here

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3- Little Big City 2

Top 5 Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone 2021 3
Little big city 2 from Gameloft

If you are a fan of simulation games, this game is for you, the idea of ​​the game revolves around a tropical island in the ocean that you are supposed to transform into a real city that you become its ruler and continue to develop constantly, the game develops the player’s planning, thinking and leadership skills, and it is one of the best Gameloft games Which does not waste your time on what is not useful.

The game also develops the skills you will need to grow the income of your startup city, and teaches you advice where you must listen to the opinions of your advisors to come up with successful decisions, you can download the game for Android from the Google Store from here The game is not currently available for iPhone users.

4- Wonderland Zoo game

Top 5 Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone 2021 4
Wonder zoo

A fun game with noble goals suitable for children and adults as well. It has a high rating of 4.3 among Google Play users. The idea of ​​the game is to take a safari trip to save the animals and deposit them in a park called Wonderland!

Your enemies in the game are the hunters who are trying to kidnap small animals, the game contains a lot of interesting missions with animals in different environments, and the possibility of returning to the past in the age of dinosaurs, you can download this game for Android from here And for iOS users from here

5- Six guns game

Top 5 Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone 2021 5
Six guns from Gameloft

A game dedicated to fans of the worlds of cowboys, Cow Boys. The game revolves around the worlds of war with pistols and classic rifles. It is one of the most popular games, as the number of downloads exceeded one million because it calls for that attractive atmosphere and nostalgia for the past in addition to the high graphics capabilities in the game, and it can be downloaded for Android from here and for iPhone from here.

This was a showcase of the top 5 Gameloft games for Android and iPhone with a variety of choices to suit all tastes whether it is speed, adventure or simulation.

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