Top 5 football games for Android 2021

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Now you can see the list of the best soccer games for Android, whether online or offline, all of which are free and available on the Play Store and are very popular in addition to the great graphics quality and also do not require great capabilities in your Android phone and with not large storage spaces and below You can choose what suits those games and download them.

Top 5 football games for Android 2021

Top 5 football games for Android

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FIFA Soccer

Of course, it is one of the top 5 football games for Android. The game offers great visual pleasure and has a huge fan base. You can choose your favorite team in the game and compete in the league and with players around the world and buy great players to get the perfect squad.

You can win the cards that you win with new players so that you can compete and you can build your own stadium and get the best players in the world and top the list of the best players in addition to the list of classic players such as Maradona, Zidane, Pele, Maldini, Beckham and many others, and it is free and contains on paid items.

Top 5 football games for Android 2021

Dream League Soccer

One of the oldest and most popular football games for Android, the game is designed with a wonderful artificial intelligence that makes the competition sharp and advanced ideas in football by playing in the offline mode.

With compatible Android devices, you can play at 60 frames per second and you can create your dream club, attract many great players, upgrade existing players, customize and import your own logos, and even design your team uniforms, participate in local tournaments and compete with Global players are in online mode and it’s free.

Top 5 football games for Android 2021

The biggest competitor to the Fifa game, whether on the computer or Android, which offers a wonderful number of features such as playing with officially licensed clubs such as Manchester United, Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Roma and many other major teams with the possibility of choosing legendary players to support the team in an amazing way.

You can also get the statistics of the players who performed well throughout the week and the global competition with other players or friends in addition to the game’s most wonderful graphics in addition to accurate passing, in-depth tactics and natural player movements with continuous support with updates and it is free.

Top 5 football games for Android 2021

score! Hero

The game offers a unique experience, which is that you live a real Android football experience and create your own player. The game depends on the ability to pass, receive and shoot, and despite the ease of it, you will face difficulties in the advanced stages.

The game contains wonderful 3D graphics, in addition to the possibility of customizing your player, choosing his shape and designing his uniform, with receiving professional offers to play in major teams, and the ability to know your ranking with the rest of the other players, which is free.

Top 5 football games for Android 2021

Soccer Stars

One of the best football games for Android and you can create your own player and professionalism in the offers presented to you with the participation in the national team and you can participate in many international football competitions including the UEFA League and Champions League and many more.

You can participate in the World Cup for national teams and compete with legendary players such as Beckham, Rooney and Zlatan and play against the largest European teams, but you may find the names of the teams are not real, because the rights of the teams have been purchased from other games exclusively and are free.

Top 5 football games for Android 2021

This was a list of the best soccer games for Android, and you can choose what you want from them, and they are all free.

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