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ToolRocket: an easy and intuitive screen recording software

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Almost everything has already been said in dark and unfocused tones about the past year. Much has been described, learned and theorized about remote work. But, in fact, teleworking will really have come to stay, as many companies have proven and not all of them are technological.

With this scenario, naturally, not only the work started to be done through a screen. Also the classes, gym workouts, entertainment videos and games that grew exponentially throughout 2020.

Currently, many of the students who take the online courses prefer to record them, either to take detailed notes, or to review them later and more carefully. What about work meetings? Who hasn’t felt like “rewinding” to try to understand what that colleague really wants? And try to reproduce that exercise that the Yoga instructor does perfectly? It is in these cases that ToolRocket Capture Screen Recorder appears as a good option.

Free to download, this software can record videos simply, quickly and without any interference on the original.

toolrocket um software de gravacao de ecra facil e intuitivo 1

Despite being free, the ToolRocket Capture Screen Recorder has a customer service team that is very familiar with the most common questions and can help us quickly and with simple language if we have difficulties during the recording sessions.

The software allows taking notes in real time, perfectly synchronizes the sound (of good quality) with the image in HD format and with unlimited recording time.

Before you start recording, we can define the recording area, the format in which we want to save the video and the quality of it. The recording area may not seem the most important, but it is, because we may want to record the entire screen, but in the case of video games, for example, only one area may be of interest and the software allows you to select only the part you want.

toolrocket um software de gravacao de ecra facil e intuitivo

ToolRocket Capture Screen Recorder runs on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 and allows you to choose to save videos in MP4, AVI or FLV and review them at any time. And if you like this tool, ToolRocket has more to offer to facilitate the transfer from the office to home.


Various recording modes
Both full screen capture and a selected area are possible.

Sound and image synchronized during recording
With this software the sound and the image are collected synchronized; there are no bad surprises to resolve in the end.

Various output formats
Before recording the video, you can define the output format – the one in which we want to save it.

toolrocket um software de gravacao de ecra facil e intuitivo

High quality video capture
Videos can be recorded with three settings: Original, SD and HD.

During recording, the program allows you to add lines, geometric shapes and text to the screen and everything is recorded together. This tool is particularly facilitating the lives of teachers and trainers from various areas to show key points of the message they want to get across.

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