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Tokyo has its twisted world deeper on PS5 Showcase

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Sony once again held a new Showcase of the new PlayStation 5 to show everyone what it has been doing during a long silence, and one of the studios that has been working with the Japanese giant and that took advantage of this fresh opportunity was Tango Gameworks, along with Bethesda, who showed you more news about Ghostwire: Tokyo.

For those unfamiliar with the title, players will have to fight a series of unknown threats to save the city of Tokyo at any cost, making use of a wide range of special skills and abilities.

Despite being developed by one of the studios of beloved Microsoft giant Bethesda Softworks, Ghostwire: Tokyo, like Deathloop, is one of the few games that will remain a temporary PlayStation 5 exclusive, also being released for PC on the first day of release and coming to the Xbox family in 2023.

Players will wake up in an abandoned street in Japan where the entire population of Tokyo has disappeared without a trace. There is no time to ask questions as players will be attacked by supernatural creatures from another world and players will discover that the person responsible for this is a masked man known as Hanns who for some reason made everyone disappear but us, the protagonist.

Players will now need to master Ethereal Weaving, a powerful magical art that tunes the elements with spiritual energy, along with other equipment and abilities to counter any threat. With the powers of wind, water and fire, players will combine skills to face a variety of supernatural enemies.


Using the advanced hardware features of the new PlayStation 5, Tango Gameworks brings your vision of a modern, haunted Tokyo to life. Designed with state-of-the-art technology in mind, gamers will walk down smooth, rain-filled streets rendered to the finest cutting-edge detail, amplified in fidelity with PlayStation 5’s ray-moth and 3D audio technology technologies. Using the system’s SSD storage and its high speed allows load times to be almost nil, which makes Ghostwire: Tokyo perfect.

The action is also more immersive with the command Wireless DualSense, implementing the controller’s built-in audio capabilities to bring voices from the other side to players, bringing them closer to having a kind of sixth sense to help detect things normally imperceptible to humans as they explore the haunted city.


Ghostwire: Tokyo looks better and better and will make the most of the new PlayStation 5 technology, arriving in early 2022, making this year one of the best for gaming with this amazing title and many others on the way to the new platform of the Japanese giant.

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