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Today’s deal .. Learn Python language and artificial intelligence with a discount of 97%

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The Comprehensive Package Learn Python The Ultimate Python & Artificial Intelligence Certification Bundle.

  • Number of sessions: 9.
  • Number of lessons: 358.
  • Duration: 38 hours.
  • The programming language (Python) has increased greatly in popularity during the recent period, and it is now ranked third in the list of the most popular programming languages ​​according to To report Programming Community Index (TIOBE), October 2020.
  • Developers and researchers use the Python language in many areas, such as: application development, training of machine learning models and deep learning, natural language processing, image recognition, data analysis and processing, and there is no other language yet better than it in all of that, due to its dynamic nature, It is contained in multiple libraries, is scalable and flexible, and is easy to learn. So; If you want to develop your skills in the field of artificial intelligence, the first step you must take is to learn the Python language
  • This package will help you master the Python language, and learn some of its important applications in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and (computer vision) as well as data analysis.
  • This package includes 3 training courses that learn Python from the ground up, you will start by learning the basics of programming in the Python language, its advantages, and important tools, understanding how it works, and what its different applications are, then you will move to the next level to learn how to use Python tools specialized in science The data, then you will move to the professional level, where you will learn (Python 3) version – it is the version most used now – and how to properly deal with common errors, and deal with them easily.
  • There is more than one course on how to use the Python programming language with the Keras neural network library, Google’s TensorFlow library, and the OpenCV computer vision library, to implement the basic tasks of image processing and computer vision using Python, and to implement both machine learning and deep learning techniques by implementing Real models.
  • You will also learn how to build neural networks and explore deep learning with the important Python framework (PyTorch); Which will help you to implement popular machine learning algorithms for image classification.
  • It also includes more than one course on data manipulation and visualization in the programming language R; How to use some of the most important data packets in R, such as: caret and h20, to build deep neural networks (DNNs), convolutional neural networks (CNNs), and recurring neural networks (RNNs), how to implement these networks based on real data.
  • Content Access Time: Lifetime.
  • Level of expertise required: all levels.
  • Obtaining a certificate after completing each training course.
  • This package includes getting content updates.
  • English language
  • Availability: Online.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Original price before discount: $ 1791.
  • Current price after discount: $ 39.99.
  • Discount rate: 97%.
  • Get the deal: From here.

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Here are the names of the courses included in the Python learning package:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Python: A H2O Approach
  • Master PyTorch for Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) & Deep Learning
  • Image Processing & Analysis Bootcamp with OpenCV and Deep Learning in Python
  • Keras Bootcamp for Deep Learning & AI in Python
  • Practical Data Pre-Processing & Visualization Training with R
  • Pre-Process & Visualize Data with Tidy Techniques in R
  • Python For Beginners: The Basics For Python Development
  • Python for Beginners: Learn All the Basics of Python
  • Python: Introduction to Data Science & Machine Learning AZ

Get the deal: From here.

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