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Today the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 arrive with new payment methods

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Samsung presented its bets for the folding market soon with two excellent devices, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, which we can already experience at first hand, and today, the 27th of August, sales begin in physical stores.

Taking into account the innovative technology of folding screens, high prices were already expected, although the Galaxy Z Flip 3 fits in well with the price of current high-ends. But, in this sense, Samsung has innovated and added new payment options that may be very interesting for some consumers, one of which is a type of leasing/renting, while the other allows you to return after a 60-day trial, Buy and Try.

During the private presentation event where we can experience the latest from Samsung, it was mentioned that there would be new purchase methods for Samsung’s folding models, as the manufacturer also understands that prices are high and intends to make it easier for consumers to have access to the technology of top, disclosing the two new methods that are now official and can be enjoyed by consumers. Let’s start with Buy and Try.


Buy and Try is an extension of the returnability. That’s right, Samsung allows whoever buys the smartphone in cash, can return the equipment up to 60 days. The idea is to allow consumers who still have doubts about the features of the equipment to try it out and if they are not satisfied with the purchase, they can return the smartphone and receive the money in full. However, it should be noted that, obviously, the smartphone will have to be in perfect condition.

The other model, and this one much more innovative, is a renting model. This payment method assumes a payment for 18 months, with an initial entry of 99€ and I still have an upgrade option after 12 months, no doubt already thought for the successor of these equipments. As could not be missing, is the possibility of paying in installments, without interest, through Santander Consumer Finance, which offers financing for up to 36 months without interest for both folding equipment.

The specifications of both devices follow, with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 having a price that starts at 1,859.90 euros, while the Galaxy Z Flip 3 has a base value of 1,099.90 euros.

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G: Next-Gen Productivity and Entertainment

Unfold the Z Fold3 to immerse yourself in theatrical viewing experiences and stay fully immersed in your favorite content with the uninterrupted 7.6-inch Infinity Flex screen – made possible by our new Under display camera technology. With minimal pixels applied to the top of the camera’s hole, the Z Fold3 features a larger viewing area so users have access to an uninterrupted screen when using their favorite applications. With new Eco display technology applied to the screen, it’s 29% brighter, consuming less energy. Try one scrolling even smoother, plus fast device interaction with the adaptive 120Hz refresh rate, now on both the home screen and the outdoor screen.


For the first time in the Galaxy Z line, Samsung brings its beloved technology from the Note range to the Z Fold3: S Pen. Users can take advantage of the S Pen’s fully optimized features on its folding screen, making it a perfect fit for the multitasking. On Z Fold3’s huge home screen it is now easier than ever for users to take notes during a video call or check theirs. to-do list while reading emails. Plus, Z Fold3 users can fuel their creativity and productivity with our S Pen that fans love so much. There are two S Pen options for Z Fold3: S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro.

Both feature a specially designed retractable tip with force-limit technology to protect the Z Fold3 main screen, providing peace of mind and peace of mind while using the S Pen. This is Samsung’s best S Pen experience yet, with an even lower latency for realistic composition, ensuring that taking notes and sending messages is even more intuitive.


Productivity seekers will also enjoy the Z Fold3’s improved Flex mode features, which let you do more at the same time, such as joining a video call on the device’s top screen while checking meeting notes at the bottom. With the Multi-Active Window update in Z Fold3, it’s even easier to make dinner plans over text while checking your calendar, all on the device’s big screen. And now in Z Fold3, users can create a shortcut and reopen apps the same way later, thanks to the improved App Pair. Furthermore, they can use the new Taskbar in Z Fold3 to quickly switch between different applications without returning to the home screen.

The Z Fold3 is built with a sleeker, thinner and lighter design for improved portability compared to the Galaxy Z Fold2. It is available in three timeless colors: Phantom Black, Phantom Green and Phantom Silver.

Galaxy Z Flip3 5G: The ideal balance of style, functionality and non-stop fun


The Z Flip3 allows users to express themselves with bold color choices, a sleek design, and features premium. With four fashionable colors to choose from – Cream, Green, Lavender and Phantom Black – as well as new and elegant ring holders and cases that make it even easier to hold and fold your phone, the new Z Flip3 is the ideal device for self-expression. For those looking for even more color options to suit their style, the website features exclusive colors such as Gray, White, Pink.

The redesigned exterior display is now four times larger and makes it easy to view notifications and messages without having to open Z Flip3. Users can keep track of their schedule, check the time and monitor their daily step count with new widgets on the outdoor screen, or coordinate the wallpaper on the outdoor screen with the color of their device to get a matching look. Plus, with Samsung Pay built right into the exterior display, making a payment on the go has never been easier.


Z Flip is also designed to provide users with the best features of capturing and sharing memories. Packed with some of our latest camera features, users can take even more stunning selfies hands-free with Flex mode, or they can keep the device folded and take a quick shot – and now even video – from the outside screen, using the enhanced Quick Shot mode and double-clicking on the power key of the Z Flip3. Also, the scrolling it’s super easy and smooth, thanks to the Z Flip3’s new 120Hz adaptive refresh rate.

Z Flip3 is ideal for relaxing and watching a YouTube vlog or TV show hands-free. Thanks to the new Z Flip3 with stereo speakers upgraded with Dolby Atmos®, the user gets immersive sound with incredible clarity, depth and spatial effects, whatever they’re watching or listening to. And with the new Flex Mode functionality, applications look better and are easier to use.


When the device is partially folded, Flex Mode allows for new ways to interact with the Z Flip3, offering a more convenient viewing experience by moving the video to the top half of the screen and program controls – such as brightness and volume – to the lower half.

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