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Tips: using your mask, how to unlock the iPhone with your Apple Watch

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In this article we will show you how, having your mask on your face, you can unlock your iPhone using your Apple Watch.

Apple recently launched the new iOS version 14.4 to the market, bringing some news namely in the improvement in HDR level in the photographic section and in the native application of iMessage messages. Along with it, there were also small improvements and bug fixes as usual. One of the other changes was the small categorization of Bluetooth control within the section “Settings”, or even support for reading and recognizing small QR codes.

Thus, and since the launch of iOS 14.5 was already on the table, it has now been made available to programmers in a format beta, this update promises to bring more important news than the previous version, mainly for the iPhone. It is hoped that with this new update there is an improvement in the integration with the Apple Watch, whose watchOS 7.4 operating system beta it was also made available to programmers.

Tips using your mask how to unlock the iPhone with

But we can ask why Apple intends to further improve integration with its wearable? well, all because we can’t unlock our iPhone using Face ID if we have a mask on. Thus, the method called by the Apple Watch Unlock, will be an integral part of iOS 14.5 thus giving all iPhone owners the possibility to overcome the Face ID limitation in recognizing our face with the mask on.

How can we then activate this feature? you will then have to:

  1. address to “Settings – Face ID & Passcode”;
  2. activate the toggle existing there;
  3. put your Apple Watch on your wrist with the watchOS 7.4 version already installed and automatic pulse detection;
  4. have your Apple Watch unlocked and have a security code enabled;
  5. let Face ID recognize your face with the mask on;
  6. the Apple Watch will vibrate briefly, notifying you that you have registered and authenticated the iPhone unlock;
  7. keep the mask on your face.

In any case, it does not appear to be a very solid solution, but it should be enough until Apple launches the future iPhone 12S / 13, where it can probably bring the system implemented in another way.

Source: Phone Arena

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