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Tips: See how to cancel Google Chrome Privacy Sandbox (FLoC) tests

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Google promised the end of cookies in its browser in 2023, the Privacy Sandbox has been raising controversy and there are those who claim that Google’s alternative is the FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) technology.

The release of Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) may have been delayed by Google, FLoC is an alternative to third-party cookies. Many Google Chrome users find themselves in a “FLoC” test called “Privacy Sandbox”.

The decision has raised controversy and some say that Google’s alternative, the FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) technology turns out to be as invasive as third-party cookies.

The change will have taken several users by surprise and the lack of concrete details about how the system works and what implications it might have for users’ privacy makes the issue more complicated.

Tips See how to cancel Google Chrome Privacy Sandbox FLoC

disable sandbox

First, launch Chrome on your Windows or Mac PC, or even Android:

  • On Windows and macOS, type chrome: // settings / privacySandbox in the address bar and press Enter.
  • On Android, open the Google Chrome menu and go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Privacy Sandbox.

Google has provided a page about the Privacy Sandbox feature and a button to disable it. Once disabled in a browser, the setting should apply to all devices linked to the same Google account.

How does FLoC work

FLoC technology gives each user a unique identification number, the FLoC ID. That same number is then bundled with a set of other FLoC IDs with similar browsing interests.

This method, according to Google, allows to “hide” users in a group of other users, always based on keeping the browsing history hidden.

The Privacy Sandbox Objectives

The Privacy Sandbox initiative is currently under development. New technologies are being designed to:

  • Prevent the history from being visible to someone while the user browses the web.
  • Allow publishers to create sustainable websites that respect their privacy.
  • Preserve the vitality of the open web.

Other community members, web browsers, online publishers, ad technology companies, advertisers and developers were invited to get involved and contribute to the development of Privacy Sandbox.

Source: Zdnet

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