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Tips on how to change your life in a positive way during COVID

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The world seems to find itself in a real chaos due to COVID. When everyone hoped that the solution could come with the vaccine, new variants emerged and threw some sand in the eyes of people who hoped to see a future with a return to a life before the pandemic.

Being able to go to restaurants, meet friends, go to the movies, walk down the street without worrying about wearing a mask, is everything the world wants. It just seems that with each new step we take, the Coronavirus becomes a mountain making our paths difficult and this ends up becoming a bit depressing.

Thus, social networks end up becoming the main place for many people to let off steam. But if I was just going to let off steam, it would be okay. The big problem is that any media just throws a little more fuel on the subject and everything becomes more chaotic with each page visited. So how can you be a little more positive and think tomorrow will be better?


There are several ways to do this. One of them is knowing how to filter which news you really need to know, the ones that become just a stronghold of rubbish thrown at people. It’s easy to know what they are. Real and concrete news are those needed by each person, such as what age is being vaccinated at that moment. Garbage, on the other hand, is the speculative one that only spreads unfounded rumors and generates conflicts. The sensationalism that brings real chaos and anxiety to people also enters this category.

These are some examples of what should be done to get rid of the noise made on the internet. But there are also a few more ways to live harmoniously that go beyond the virtual world. So let’s get to them!

play it

Play online with friends and even at home with family. A good card game and even a visit to sites like online casinov, can inject some adrenaline that you are lacking. Play a few titles for mobile devices, puzzles, boards, whatever, but enjoy it to have fun.

read a good book

Is reading something more pleasurable for your brain and soul? Reading makes you travel to other countries, worlds and understand people and yourself a little better. During the minutes and hours you will be there with those characters, and the moment you will be most present within yourself. Reading, even if it’s for someone else, is a way of disconnecting from the past and future, staying present only where you are. So choose a good book to make this trip.


There is the saying: those who sing, their evils scare away. Well then, it’s time to sing. It doesn’t matter if your voice is good or not. What matters is to release your voice and hum those songs that once did you so well. Remember that movie theme song that made you want to dance whenever you listen, like Footloose or live in a better world with Louis Armstrong in What a Wonderful World. But also remember the ones from your childhood or any other that makes you dream.



Time to get into the writing habit. Take any notebook and start a journal. If you don’t want something like this and don’t mind other people reading it, create a family notebook where everyone can put their feelings, thoughts, ideas, anything they want to watch, eat, whatever. Use those sheets with nothing left to write something concrete and objective, even if it’s just to complain about yourself.

do something different

Before the pandemic, people complained that they didn’t have time to do anything different. Well, with the arrival of COVID everyone had to change their lifestyle. If you used to work outside, now you have to change your lifestyle at home to work at home office. If before you couldn’t exercise because you needed to get up early to go to work, now you can use that commute time to move your body. It’s time to look at what was bothering you and turn it all into something productive and healthy for your life. Changing, even if it’s the channel, does a tremendous amount of good in your life.

These are just a few tips for what you can do. There are many others how to finally understand how your mobile device works. How about seeing a new way to use your smartphone or understand how choose a new ccomputer? After all, it’s time for you to live by yourself and no longer depend on the world, because something that social withdrawal has taught is that: living apart hurts, but it’s also very important to learn to live by yourself.

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