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Tips: Make the most of your home office!

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Last year, the number of people working from home grew dramatically. It is estimated that many workers will continue to work from home even after the pandemic. The problem is that many homes are not well equipped for the task. In many cases, Wi-Fi doesn’t even reach the desk in the home office. The router is too far from the workstation and Wi-Fi is blocked by ceilings and walls.

Powerline technology solves this! This technology uses the home’s own electrical network as a data transmission cable to carry the Internet signal to any outlet in the home. Use these devolo tips to get the most out of your powerline home network.

Finding the perfect place for powerline adapters

There are some basic rules for optimal placement of powerline adapters. For example, plugging them directly into an electrical outlet rather than an extension cord or cord. It is best to connect the extension cord to the adapter’s built-in electrical outlet (if present as with devolo adapters).

This is because powerline adapters are equipped with interference suppression filters to ensure the best performance and network stability. Also, if a wall has multiple electrical outlets next to each other, they will act as an extension cord. The sockets adjacent to the one with the adapter must be left free to avoid connection problems in the powerline network.

Tips Make the most of your home office

The best connections to a workstation and place of study

Desktop computer, storage systems (NAS) or printer: In the home office, many devices can be connected to the network faster using a traditional Ethernet cable than with Wi-Fi. That’s why Magic 2 LAN Triple adapters from devolo have three gigabit ports. Devices can be conveniently integrated into a powerline network consisting of Magic products.

On the other hand, at the children’s study site, the most commonly used devices are tablets or laptops. In this case, in addition to the high-performance Ethernet ports, the home network must also provide the best possible Wi-Fi coverage.

The perfect match: powerline base with Wi-Fi mesh

State-of-the-art powerline adapters with Ethernet and Wi-Fi functions now offer additional functionality. Keyword: mesh. This technology ensures that mobile devices are always connected to the strongest Wi-Fi hotspot and switch between two or more hotspots automatically.

This is especially useful when moving a smartphone, tablet or laptop from one room to another. Transmitting all necessary settings via WPS uniformly provides the same access data to each access point on the network. To achieve this with devolo powerline adapters, just press the WPS button on the router once and then do the same on the adapter itself.

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Use current templates and install updates

To implement a powerline network for the first time, it is best to invest in the latest generation devices. This is the most future-proof way to do this as the requirements for a strong home network are always increasing. Users should also make sure that the adapters have enough Ethernet ports, a built-in power outlet and Wi-Fi mesh support, like those in devolo’s Magic series.

Three-device kits included are the ideal choice for providing fast, stable Wi-Fi throughout the home. There are also speed differences. The fastest powerline adapters currently offer a transmission speed of up to 2400 Mbps. It is also important to always install updates as soon as they are available. This ensures that users benefit from new security features and settings right away.

Here, too, the latest models include accessibility improvements. For example, devolo’s Home Network app can be configured to install all available updates automatically.

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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