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Tips: Logging events on Apple Maps

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With the arrival of iOS 14.5, Apple’s map application also includes some features that we already find in other navigation programs, namely Waze. This way, since this version of iOS, we can register events such as accidents, traffic congestion and other hazards on Apple Maps, thus facilitating navigation for all users of the program.

Apple remains focused on investing in the constant improvement of its navigation application, making it little by little a major competitor before Google Maps. So, here’s how you can record different situations in your iPhone application or through the interface of CarPlay.


You will need an iPhone with a minimum version of iOS 14.5 or later, regardless of whether you are using CarPlay or not. So far only the incident register is available in the United States of America and China, and it is expected that over the months these features will begin to reach a greater number of countries.

Tips Logging events on Apple Maps

Logging an incident:

The easiest way to record an incident on the road will most likely be through the personal assistant Siri. So, summon Siri with the command “Hey Siri, there is an obstacle on the road” or even “Hey Siri there is a speed camera here”. You do not need to open the map application.

1619959191 271 Tips Logging events on Apple Maps

If you are using navigation in the usual way, you can always click on the card “Route” in the bottom section of the screen, followed by “Report” and “Accident, Hazard” or “Speed ​​Check”.

When using CarPlay, you will see a button on the screen that looks like a speech bubble with an exclamation mark. By clicking on it, you then have access to the same options mentioned above.

Once one of these situations is reported, a small icon will appear on the map for accidents and obstacles, while for speed cameras they will appear through a notification in the form of pop-up.

1619959191 164 Tips Logging events on Apple Maps

Source: Mac World

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