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Tips: how to quickly access notifications with a gesture on a Galaxy smartphone

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The vast majority of us receive immense daily notifications on the smartphone on the most varied subjects. If it is already difficult to manage all the notifications received, it can be even more complicated when accessing them is not exactly simple and fast.

As mobile phones have grown in size relative to their screens, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach the notification bar at the top with our fingers. So, here are some very useful tips that will help users to access and manage their notifications in a simpler way.

To begin with, and as most people know, the most common way to access notifications is to swipe down on any part of the screen. A bar will then appear with notifications pending reading. To activate this procedure, you will then have to:

  1. click and press on an empty section of your main screen;
  2. to choose “Home screen settings”;
  3. click on the toggle which is close to “Swipe down for notification panel”;

This gesture only works when you are on the main screen of your device, which means that if you are using an application you will always have to slide from the top of the device.

On the other hand, there is another possibility that uses the fingerprint sensor placed on the rear section of some Galaxy devices, such as the Galaxy S9, S8, Note 9 or Note 8. In newer devices, which have this sensor placed by below the screen it will not be possible to activate this tip. Thus, for the equipment mentioned above you will have to:

  1. open the machine settings in “Settings”;
  2. slide down and choose “Advanced features”;

slide down again and select the option “Motions and gestures”;

4. click “Finger sensor gestures”;
5. activate the toggle which is close to “Off”;
6. once it turns blue and inform that it is “On”, then everything has been configured and prepared;

So, whatever you are doing on your smartphone, you can at any time just swipe down on the fingerprint sensor to view all your notifications.

Source: AndroidCentral

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