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Tips: How to Create Videos that Engage

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According to a study commissioned by Google and conducted by Nielsen, in March 2020 all of the US television networks together failed to reach the number of adult viewers aged 18 to 49 that YouTube reached during the same period in the country. We have never watched so many videos online and the pandemic has accentuated this feature even more.

At the same time, when social distancing gained traction in Brazil, the time spent watching YouTube content connected to televisions grew 120%.

Another proof that investing in videos is the reality of the moment are the marketing campaigns of large multinationals. The biggest brands in the world have adapted their campaigns to the new consumer format.

Data released by Google/Talk Shoppe last year show that 70% of YouTube users in the US, Mexico and Colombia bought a certain brand after seeing it on the streaming platform.

Tips How to Create Videos that Engage

An interesting feature that can be inspiring is the fact that online videos sell not necessarily through advertisements about a specific product or service, but also by promoting the brand. Therefore, it is a powerful tool to engage the public, a very important issue in digital marketing.

Make your brand a love brand

At a time when consumption is closely linked to intangible aspects related to the brand, creating relevant, segmented content that creates identification with the public is the path to good results. In this sense, videos are great allies to produce visibility, credibility and profitability and the main point is to build the relationship with the consumer.

It’s what generates conversion, leads and engagement. So an interesting tactic to captivate viewers is to develop an emotional connection with them.

According to a study published by Harvard Business Review, a consumer who identifies with a brand’s positioning and reputation can be up to 50% more valuable than a highly satisfied customer. In addition, admirers can act as ambassadors, promoting the dissemination of the brand in an organic and conscious way and influencing the decision-making power of their followers and social groups.

So if you want to create more engagement from your audience, try to incorporate the following features into your videos:

  1. Identification

Research everything you can to know your audience like the back of your hand. This way you will be able to generate content that he identifies with and this is the second step to create a relationship and encourage consumption of your content more often.

  1. Humanization

The first step in relating and engaging your audience is to humanize your videos. Talk about real issues that occur in the lives of everyday people, consider affinities and feelings. To create connections with the mind and heart, consumers need to see themselves in brands.

  1. Coherence

Whether for a brand or a person, remaining consistent in front of the public is vital to creating credibility. Stay true to your values, purposes and identity.

The idea is exactly to highlight your personality or create one for your brand. Be unique, original, differentiate yourself, this helps in recognition and identification by viewers.

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How to use tools and implement ideas

Certain tools and techniques can go a long way in gearing towards producing engaging videos. Check out some useful tips for getting started or upgrading your productions.

  1. Choose practical software

To streamline and facilitate the production and editing of your videos without compromising attributes and sophistication of details, opt for credible platforms such as movie maker online, from InVideo. In addition to safety, they guarantee quality to your creations.

Not to mention that you can choose from one of the thousands of templates to create videos, making your custom movie production easier and faster. Choosing practical software is creating a perfect video in minutes.

  1. Invest in storytelling

Generating identification and humanization is simpler when we do it through a story. Telling a story through a brand or a product or service is much more beneficial than just addressing features. Stories involve, thrill, mark and speak of people.

These are characteristics that influence the creation of connections and relationships.

  1. apply memes

More than content that goes viral, which is still a correct concept, the term meme was created by a scientist and refers to something broader – elements that replicate behaviors or a mass knowledge that provokes in individuals a desire to imitate and therefore can generate quite interesting results.

Bet on these short formulas of expressions, sounds, words, images and original ideas that have the power to conquer the public, forming bonds with consumers.

So, ready to create videos that engage? Use the right tools and enjoy the results!

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