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Tips: How to bypass the activation lock on iPhone

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Have you ever purchased an iPhone from someone else and suddenly when you got home when trying to turn on the device you came across the security lock screen? Or on the other hand, you simply forgot your Apple ID credentials and intentionally blocked the iPhone, so find out that there are some ways you can get around this. These steps are valid for both iPhone and iPad.

The security lock is an Apple security tool and is directly connected to the service Find My. It basically serves so that our devices and their contents remain safeguarded in case we lose them or even get stolen.

So and if by any chance the Find My connected to your iPhone and format it without first doing log out from iCloud, all your data will remain safe and secure. In this case and given that it was you who formatted the equipment, just enter your credentials again and that’s it, you will have access to your data again. Anyway, these are the steps for you to get around the activation lock on an iPhone.

Tips How to bypass the activation lock on iPhone

First of all and if you have a valid Apple ID it is simple to resolve the issue. Just follow the steps and everything is quite simple. If you’re in trouble if something goes wrong, then you have a few options:

  1. If you have forgotten the email address that is linked to your Apple ID you can try to find it via this link. Enter your first name followed by your nickname and your email address to try to confirm that there is an Apple account connected to it;
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  2. If you have forgotten your Apple ID password, you can try to recover it on here. However, you will have to answer a series of security questions that the company will ask you in order to be able to ask a new one. password. Simply enter your email address associated with Apple ID and choose “Continues” as you can see in the following image;
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  3. If you are unable to answer these questions, you will then have a telephone call to contact Apple technical services.

Note that the activation lock is automatically turned on as soon as the service Find My connected. So we recommend that the next time you connect the same service, write down the details of your Apple ID as you will most likely need them in future situations.

Source: OS X Daily

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