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Tips: a new way to drag content on your Mac with Dropover

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The app Dropover provides the user with a new way to drag content on our Mac. Being one of the most used actions nowadays on our personal computers, either to drag files from one folder to another or simply upload documents to an application or Web site, the famous drag and drop is present in much of what we do on a computer.

This process usually goes without a problem, but there is an application available for the Mac that significantly increases this experience. We know that the native Mac system for the drag and drop it works like this: we select the files we want to drag to a folder or to the desktop and simply drop the same previously selected content in its destination location.

However, there are some limitations to this action, and they are related to the fact that we cannot select files from different folders simultaneously to move them together, or even select all files at once and distribute them. different destination folders.

Tips a new way to drag content on your Mac

O Dropover then it allows to overcome these limitations imposed by the native system. So, with the application open, we can activate the window of the Dropover clicking on the icon in the menu bar using a keyboard shortcut or even shaking the mouse cursor when we already have files selected. Instead of dragging the files into another folder, we can drag them into the application.

Everything you put on Dropover will remain there until you decide what you want to do with those files. In this way, the user can easily select several files from different folders and move them simultaneously to another location. If you do not want to take any further action, just close the main application window and everything will remain in the same place.

Users can also interact with each individual file in the Dropover. This will give us the possibility to move just a few selected files to another location or to remove them from the Dropover.

Source: 9to5Mac

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