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Tinder wins identity verification system

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Similar to what has been happening with other social networks, Tinder revealed that the security of its users is increasingly a concern, and in this sense, the functionality of verifying identity in the application was introduced.

In Japan, the functionality has been available since 2019 and generally users can use the passport, or the equivalent here of the citizen card for verification. The identity verification system will gradually reach different countries. In a first phase, this system will be optional, and with it it will become mandatory by law.

The company said it will take into account the recommendations of experts and the opinion of Tinder members regarding the documents that will be needed in each country for verification. The social network has already announced that the process, for now, is not very intuitive and has several stages, so those responsible say that it still needs time.


Tinder also announced that this process will be completely free. The user whose profile has been verified will have a kind of badge, similar to what happens today with Twitter, says Tinder in a publication on your official blog.

Rory Kozoll, Tinder’s product manager, said the company is taking a “testing” approach before officially launching the feature. “We know that one of the most valuable things Tinder can do to make members feel secure is to give them more confidence and more control over who they interact with.”

Last March, Tinder partnered with Garbo, an aggregator of information about people, however, since then, not many details about the partnerships or future plans have been revealed. With Fork, Tinder users have information about the history and reporting of abuse and violence.

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