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TikTok will allow embedding of mini apps in videos

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The new feature to be introduced by TikTok will allow users to embed mini apps in their videos, called Jumps. For example, when making a cooking video, there is the possibility of embedding a link to the Whisk recipe app, which would allow viewers to display a recipe sheet within TikTok.

The feature is currently being tested, with a select group of creators who have the ability to embed a Jump in their videos. However, TikTok has already made it known that it will launch the feature after further testing.

When watching a video with a Jump, viewers will be able to see a button near the bottom of the screen, which will open the content on a new screen within TikTok. Video makers will be able to choose a Jump to add and customize the content viewers see after tapping the Jump.

TikTok will allow embedding of mini apps in videos

Pressing the Whisk button takes the user to a recipe page. For the past few months, the company has been doing semi-public testing of Jumps, but it is now being rolled out to a wider group of people.

During the development and beta period, TikTok worked with a select group of companies to develop Jumps, including Whisk, Wikipedia, and Tabelog. In an announcement, TikTok says that companies like BuzzFeed and IRL will have Jumps soon, and is making apps available to developers who want to get their own experiences.

Anyone can sign up, however it’s up to TikTok to evaluate the proposals based on how useful they think they will be for their viewers.

As assured by TikTok, all members of your Creator Fund can add a Jump to their videos, and it will monitor the performance of each one. For starters, there are six of them that creators can use to enhance their content.

TikTok will allow embedding of mini apps in videos

Source: TheVerge

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